InfoSum for Retail Media

Powering retail media experiences with privacy-safe data collaboration

Retail media is a $100 billion opportunity for data-rich retailers. From boosting retail sales, driving media revenue from brands, and orchestrating campaigns across other media owners on behalf of brands, retailers are the critical piece of the puzzle.   

InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room empowers retailers, brands, media companies and other data providers to unlock advanced analytics, planning and measurement capabilities through multi-party networks while prioritizing the security of their data and the privacy of their customers.

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Deliver maximized performance

Simplified connections between brands, retailers, and media to deliver data-driven advertising at scale.

Build stronger collaborations

Removing trust, privacy, and security barriers make it easier to build innovative, collaborative relationships.

Protect consumer privacy

Best-in-class privacy controls ensure that consumers' privacy is prioritized at every step of the collaboration process.

Always control your data

Data always remains under the control of the data owner, with no data sharing and a comprehensive permissions system.

Powering the next-generation retail media network

Download this guide for everything you need to know about retail media networks

Second-Party Data Planning

Brands with low levels or no first-party data can safely tap into retailers’ data to use as a second-party data source.

  1. Enrich customer knowledge with granular purchase data from retailers and complementary partners.
  2. Build highly tailored audience segments and use federated learning to increase scale and precision.
  3. Leverage second-party data across retailers, direct media buys and walled gardens.
Second-Party Data Planning
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Shopper Marketing

Instantly match first-party data and retail shopper data to build custom audiences based on specific campaign goals.

  1. Leverage retailers’ in-depth data to reach your customers within the retailer’s media with total privacy and protection.
  2. Build custom audiences based on campaign goals, for example, retention, up-sell, or re-engagement and activate flexibly.
  3. Create closed-loop measurement with flexible outcome definitions like transactions, store visits, or voucher codes.

Off-Site Activation

Brands and retailers can collaborate with media owners to activate across multiple audiences.

  1. Build a decentralized media networks that won’t expose or share data with any party.
  2. Orchestrate campaigns across retail media and CTV, online media and walled gardens within one platform.
  3. Collaborate with media owners to gain exclusive use of their delivery data for closed-loop measurement
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Quickly and accurately measure the incremental impact of retail media campaigns with multi-party collaboration.

  1. Measure your media campaigns' success based on in-store and online outcomes.
  2. Leverage a robust incrementality methodology to calculate key business metrics like sales uplift.
  3. Gain additional audience insights with multi-party collaboration with other data owners.