Multi-party collaboration delivers 2.5x incremental reach across linear and CTV for Ads & Data

Ads & Data, a market-leading alliance in Belgium between publisher Mediahuis, broadcaster Play Media, and national telcos Proximus and Telenet, presents a competitive and data-driven market offering that creates synergies across multiple channels and a measurable full-funnel impact for brands.

Leveraging each company’s data within InfoSum's Secure Data Clean Room, Ads & Data planned an awareness campaign for beer brand Cristal. The campaign objective was to maximize the incremental reach across all available channels - linear TV, BVOD, and addressable TV. 

By identifying and excluding individuals who were exposed across channels using multi-party private matches within InfoSum’s data clean room, the alliance was able to deliver:

  • 2.5x increase in incremental reach
  • 2.8x increase in purchase intention
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