Starcount empowers brands with enriched intelligence for insights and activation

First-party data is a brand's most powerful asset in today's privacy-first world. However, a brand’s first-party data only provides a one-dimensional view of customers because it is limited to the direct interactions a customer has with that brand.

To understand customers on a deeper level, brands must collaborate with strategic data partners who empower them to create a more complete picture of their audience. 

Discover how leading brands, including a premier league football club and a global consumer electronics company, are collaborating with Starcount using InfoSum's Secure Data Clean Room to: 

  • Generate insight reports and analyze client patterns over time
  • Enrich their understanding of their audience for better segmentation and retention
  • Work with publishers to create lookalikes for acquisition across the InfoSum ecosystem
  • Create post-campaign audience reports to understand who you’ve reached and what segments are the best performing
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