InfoSum for Financial Services

Deliver better financial experiences and mitigate risk with a connected data approach

Data is an untapped resource within financial services. This often stems from the strict regulatory environment, growing security risk, and legacy technology. InfoSum eliminates these risks through our privacy-safe collaboration platform that enables the secure connection of data across your existing technology stack.

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Support know your customer

Connect data across departments, subsidiaries, and partners to better support KYC due diligence.

Personalized experience

Leverage deeper customer insights to create more engaging experiences across all touchpoints that drive greater loyalty.

Improve risk management

Enable industry-wide collaboration on risk mitigating products, such as enhanced credit scoring and fraud detection.

Meet regulatory requirements

Best-in-class privacy controls and non-movement of data supports compliance with industry regulation.

One Platform. Any Collaboration.


Connect all the data sources across your business to better understand your customers and deliver richer brand experiences.


Seamlessly collaborate with strategic partners in a privacy-first way to power greater customer experiences.


Collaborate across multiple partners and various industries to power new data-driven experiences.


Leverage data assets across multiple businesses to create new privacy-first ecosystems that power better products and services.


InfoSum made working with TSB really straightforward. The ‘non-movement of data’ approach meant we could easily and securely match our 51.7 million audience to TSB’s 5 million customers in a privacy-first way.

Katie Bowden

InfoSum's privacy-first platform, designed for the cookie-less future, complements Planet V's principles of being a trusted solution for advertisers and partners and designed for the future of TV advertising.

Kelly Williams

InfoSum’s technology can help us further understand the in-depth data partnerships we have with our clients and allow us to demonstrate the correlation with CNN’s audience and our clients’ customers.

Faisal Karmali