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Own your own Data Clean Room and instantly connect to infinite datasets with zero data sharing for maximum privacy and performance.

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Maximum data protection and performance

Unlock your data's full potential in a privacy-first world. InfoSum empowers companies to instantly match and analyze unlimited datasets in real-time without sharing or moving data, eliminating the risk of exposure, leakage, or misuse. 

Create your network of data collaboration partners and improve the performance of all data-driven strategies, including audience planning, activation, and measurement, with complete data privacy, security, and governance.

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Discover how InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room unlocks instantaneous match rates, lightning-fast consumer insights, more intelligent targeting, and powerful analytics.

True multi-party collaboration

Connect, match, analyze, and activate across unlimited datasets with superior speed, scale, and efficiency.

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Decentralized data processing

Cloud agnostic, decentralized processing eliminates the complexity and risk of centralized data lakes or warehouses.

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End-to-end privacy protection

Patented ‘non-movement’ technology and industry-leading differential privacy techniques safely operationalize first-party data without copying or sharing.

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Flexible error-proof software

Intuitive tools, drag-and-drop functionality, and simplistic queries that put marketers, not data scientists, in the driver’s seat.

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Utilize the InfoSum Data Clean Room infrastructure to power all your marketing use cases


Connect data silos both internally and externally for an enhanced and addressable view of your customer.

  1. Instantly calculate the customer overlap between two or more datasets
  2. Amplify the performance of your data with exclusive access to a network of high-quality data partners
  3. Uncover shared customer segments including demographics, behaviors, and attributes
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Boost match rates using any identity partner with no reliance on a single graph or vendor.

  1. Seamlessly execute low-cost onboarding and ID crosswalks without sharing or copying your data
  2. Instantly and transparently test match rates against multiple identity providers at once
  3. Maximize match rates by collaborating and connecting two or more identity graphs 

2023 Edition: The ultimate guide to Data Clean Rooms

Discover everything you need to know about data clean rooms in 2023 including the different types, core use cases, how to select the right one for your needs, case studies, and more.

2023 Edition: The ultimate guide to Data Clean Rooms


Collaborate directly with your partners and platforms to harness the full potential of first-party data for maximum accuracy, reach, and scale.

  1. Quickly create high-performing audiences using easy drag-and-drop self-service tools
  2. Advertisers and media owners can easily collaborate directly with one another to deliver more compelling consumer experiences
  3. Maintain addressability and scale without reliance on third-party cookies or other unstable identifiers
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Quantify the true effectiveness of campaigns using privacy-first incrementality, reach and frequency, and advanced analytics.

  1. Quickly calculate incremental lift across campaigns without sharing sensitive outcome or exposure data
  2. Easily measure reach and frequency across media, including emerging markets, with greater control and transparency
  3. Verify that your campaign reached the right audience on the right channel, at the right time
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