Resolve identity with complete control, transparency, and flexibility.

Boost match rates using any identity partner with no reliance on a single graph or vendor.

Maximize your first-party data use with Identity Bridge partners to increase match rates, enrich audience profiles, and activate across channels and touchpoints. 

InfoSum provides complete transparency and choice when resolving identity with direct access to numerous identity and graph partners. Seamlessly onboard, match, and extend identity across campaigns and tactics without sacrificing control or privacy. 

Tap into second and third-party data sources to enrich customer insights and inform custom audience creation before activating across existing martech stacks or walled gardens for true omnichannel media planning.

Collaborate without common identifiers

Use an identity bridge partner to generate a direct match between two or more datasets without a shared key.

Work with any identity partner

Seamlessly onboard, match, and activate with increased scale and accuracy by working with any single or combination of identity partners.

Holistic ID translation

Translate first-party identifiers into any addressable or actionable ID between multiple parties with ease and simplicity.

Improve fill rates to boost performance

Boost match rates to maximize addressability and performance using any identity partner or graph.


Food delivery company drives brand engagement through first-party data collaboration

Take control over your identity

For advertisers

Flexible identity resolution

Safely work with any identity partner to onboard, match, and resolve identity without commitment or compromise.

  1. Leverage industry-leading device graphs to boost match rates and enrich identity profiles
  2. Connect your data to any platform regardless of ID or key to maximize accuracy and scale
  3. No reliance on a single identity spine, or a single unique identifier

Fast and transparent onboarding

Seamlessly execute low-cost onboarding and ID crosswalks without sharing or copying your data.

  1. Quickly connect first-party data to numerous identity providers to translate offline identity to addressable IDs
  2. Instantly and transparently test match rates against multiple identity providers at once
  3. Remain in complete control and eliminate the need to send or share your valuable data with identity partners

For media owners

Identity Enrichment

Maximize addressability with enriched first-party data and enhanced match rates using any identity partner

  1. Generate audience matches with advertisers even without a common key
  2. Maximize match rates and addressability across your inventory
  3. Boost CPMs with enriched audience profiles that drive greater demand using second-party data

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Connect internal and external data silos for an enhanced and addressable view of your customer.

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Collaborate directly with partners using first-party data to maximize media addressability, scale, and performance.

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Calculate your data-driven strategies' true impact and value with end-to-end privacy protection.

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