InfoSum for Media & Advertising

Deliver personalized content and experiences through privacy-safe collaboration

With old methods of connectivity deprecated by regulation and technology, and a flood of new ‘identity’ solutions designed to replace third-party identifiers, the advertising ecosystem is becoming more fragmented. 

Trust is at an all-time low. Consumers don’t trust brands and media owners with their data, and those companies don’t trust each other. Effective collaboration in media and advertising depends on a triangle of trust between each. 

By eliminating the movement of data, and prioritizing the privacy of consumers, brands and media owners break through the noise and safely connect and match customer data to deliver better marketing.

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Keep full control of your data

Non-movement of data means you never share or centralize your data.

Future-proofed solutions

Multi-identity connectivity removes reliance on a single identifier and future-proofs your marketing.

Real people-based marketing

Match on PII and build custom audiences with the full richness of the data.

Privacy-first collaboration

Collaborate in a privacy-safe and secure way that never risks your customers.

One Platform. Any Collaboration.


Connect all the data sources across your business to better understand your customers and deliver richer brand experiences.


Seamlessly collaborate with strategic partners in a privacy-first way to power greater customer experiences.


Collaborate across multiple partners and various industries to power new data-driven experiences.


Leverage data assets across multiple businesses to create new privacy-first ecosystems that power better products and services.

InfoSum for Brands

Deliver more powerful marketing by safely matching your customer data with media owners, other brands and data enrichment sources, without sharing data.

  1. Use all available insights to create a unified customer view
  2. Deliver highly-personalized people-based marketing
  3. Accurately and transparently measure effectiveness
Download the InfoSum for Brands factsheet for more details
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InfoSum for Media Owners

Unlock the full value of your audience through privacy-safe data matching. Empower brands to create personalized custom audiences, and collaborate with strategic partners on new data products.

  1. Future-proof advertising revenue with cookieless data matching
  2. Deliver a better advertising experience to your audience
  3. Work with other media companies to deliver a scaled audience solution
Download the InfoSum for Media Owners factsheet for more details

InfoSum for Intermediaries

Create value at scale by safely partnering with other intermediaries and offering a unified workflow to your clients.

  1. Use all available insights to create a unified customer view
  2. Deliver highly-personalized people-based marketing
  3. Accurately and transparently measure effectiveness
Download the InfoSum for Intermediaries factsheet for more details
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InfoSum for Data Owners

Easily enable brands and media owners to boost connectivity and increase customer knowledge. InfoSum’s non-movement of data approach ensures you never lose control or risk the commercial value of your data.

  1. Create new data monetization opportunities by making data ‘discoverable’
  2. Offer privacy-safe data enrichment quickly and transparently
  3. Create new revenue streams by acting as an ‘identity bridge’
Download the InfoSum for Data Owners factsheet for more details

InfoSum made working with TSB really straightforward. The ‘non-movement of data’ approach meant we could easily and securely match our 51.7 million audience to TSB’s 5 million customers in a privacy-first way.

Katie Bowden

InfoSum's privacy-first platform, designed for the cookie-less future, complements Planet V's principles of being a trusted solution for advertisers and partners and designed for the future of TV advertising.

Kelly Williams

InfoSum’s technology can help us further understand the in-depth data partnerships we have with our clients and allow us to demonstrate the correlation with CNN’s audience and our clients’ customers.

Faisal Karmali