Connect internal and external data silos for an enhanced and addressable view of your customer.

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Deliver better consumer experiences with connected multi-party insights.

The InfoSum Secure Data Clean Room enables deep consumer insights using powerful privacy-first data collaboration without risk of data exposure, leakage, or misuse. Organizations can safely connect internal data silos to unlock single customer view or connect to a network of partners to amplify first-party data performance across planning, activation, and measurement use cases.

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Instant match and overlap

Quickly connect first-party data to identify customer overlap across multiple datasets in seconds.

Multi-party consumer intelligence

Explore relevant consumer segments and attributes to improve planning, activaiton, and measurement.

Data and identity enrichment

Access high-quality first and second-party data to enrich audience and identity profiles.

End-to-end privacy protection

Build your own private data network to maximize privacy and performance with granular permissions and access control.


Breakdown services provider unlocks enhanced targeting and increased engagement

Breakdown services provider unlocks enhanced targeting and increased engagement

Delivering deep customer insights for you

Single customer view

Break down internal data silos to improve business performance without sharing any data.

  1. Eliminate exposure risk and create new opportunities with internal and external stakeholders
  2. Increase upsell opportunities based on direct overlaps across owned brands or divisions
  3. No change of tech stack or data sharing required to extract full value from your enterprise
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Customer overlap analysis

Instantly calculate the direct overlap between two or more datasets.

  1. Identify the most compatible partners with the highest audience overlap
  2. Uncover shared customer segments including behaviors, demographics and attributes
  3. Plan new products and inform strategic partnership decisions with real people data

Enriched customer profiles

Amplify the performance of your data with direct access to exclusive consumer intelligence from a network of quality partners

  1. Exclusive access to high-quality second-party data from media, identity, and agency partners
  2. Create powerful audiences without reliance on low-quality or third-party cookie-based data
  3. Faster profiling and analysis with no data science required
Second-Party Data Planning

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