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Effortlessly and efficiently collaborate across multiple companies without risk.

Private Path gives companies the flexibility and speed to send and receive data without ever combining, exposing, or compromising personal data.

By leveraging InfoSum’s privacy-enhancing technology, personal data is replaced with private, non-reversible, point-in-time synthetic IDs. 

This enables businesses to securely exchange enriched intelligence for advanced analytics and measurement.

Our Launch Partners

Global innovators trust Private Path to deliver fast, secure, and effective measurement and analytics.

Tesco Media and Insights Platform
S&P Global Mobility
NC Solutions
Tesco Media and Insights Platform
S&P Global Mobility
NC Solutions

What is Private Path?

Discover how Private Path facilitates the secure and privacy-safe exchange of enriched intelligence for advanced analytics and measurement.


Safely deliver outcome and impression data to any internal, external, or third-party measurement environment without sharing PII or identifying keys between any party.

  1. Safely calculate reach and frequency, incremental lift, and attribution
  2. Eliminate the risk of exposing sensitive transaction or exposure-level data
  3. Effectively work with any desired measurement or analytics partner

Download the Private Path for Measurement factsheet for more details

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Fast, effective, and protected delivery of rich customer insights directly between collaboration partners for greater accuracy and intelligence.

  1. Secure enrichment of first-party data from partners you trust
  2. Point-in-time synthetic IDs guarantee privacy and eliminate exposure
  3. Discover and select only the data you need to reduce cost and waste

Download the Private Path Enrichment factsheet for more details

Identity Bridge

Leverage a roster of Identity Bridge datasets to maximize match rates and ensure interoperability across collaboration partners,

  1. Choose from a wide selection of data and ID graph partners
  2. Successfully match with partners even without common keys
  3. Accurately and transparently measure effectiveness

Download the Identity Bridge factsheet for more details

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Connect, enrich, and push the freshest data at the pace of modern business, within minutes, not weeks.


Select from a range of Identity Bridge partners to boost match rates, expand reach, and enhance accuracy, even in the absence of a shared key.


Point-in-time irreversible synthetic ID generation guarantees the complete protection of personal data, preventing any transfer between parties.


Harness the safety and security of data clean room technology to seamlessly execute vital collaboration use cases across all environments.

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