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Unlock advanced analytics, planning, and measurement, powered by secure first-party data collaboration - no risk or limit.

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Any Data. Any Size.
Any Format. Any Location

Data is the lifeblood of modern organizations. That data is often stored in different formats, structures, sizes, and locations. Using a central data repository to collaborate is costly, time-consuming, and risks exposure, leakage, and misuse. 

Only with InfoSum's Data Collaboration Platform do organizations have the power to run any analysis across unlimited internal and external datasets, no matter location, size, or format. Our pioneering technology takes the heavy lifting out of data collaboration, enabling organizations to plan, measure, and activate while fully protecting their data's security and customers' privacy. 

5 Technologies Powering the Non-Movement of Data

Discover the five core technologies behind InfoSum's Secure Data Clean Room that make non-movement of data a reality.

Complete Security

InfoSum goes where the data is to eliminate data movement and enable multi-party zero-trust data collaboration.

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Unlimited Scale

Dynamic data extractions provide multi-dimensional data aggregation to fit any requirement with no limitation on data size, structure, or location.

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An always-on live view of data that updates dynamically in near real-time, enabling instant data accessibility and usability.

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Flexible Ease of Use

Full API interoperability and easy-to-use drag and drop tools bring connected insights and execution to any company, regardless of data science resources.

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Data Collaboration Platform Features
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Data Transformation

Transform any multi-dimensional datasets regardless of size, location, format, or complexity into workable models for insights, planning, activation, and measurement, with total privacy protection and data security.

  1. On-demand data processing enables organizations to adapt data pipelines as needed to get any data where it needs to go
  2. Transformation queries provide complete flexibility and seamless integration with any existing data infrastructure
  3. Fast and easy data mapping, cleansing, filtering, and multiplexing with limitless scale

Playbook: Data Collaboration for Brands

Through data collaboration, brands are enhancing the performance of all data-driven strategies including insights and planning, activation and measurement. Get started today with our data collaboration playbook.

Playbook: Data Collaboration for Brands


Bunkers are clean data environments that remove the need to use personal data (PII) for collaboration, eliminating any risk of exposure or leakage.

  1. No raw data or PII enters the Bunker. It contains only a mathematical representation of the data
  2. Granular permissions and access controls determine how data is matched, analyzed, and activated, down to the individual attributes and key level
  3. Bunkers are owned, control by each individual InfoSum client and can only ever be accessed by the data owners, becoming an extension of their existing data architecture
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Safe Audience Transfer

InfoSum’s patented privacy-enhancing technology enables unlimited Bunkers to be connected and analyzed with zero data movement. 

  1. Complete non-movement of data and decentralized edge processing to keep data fully protected and entirely under its owner’s control
  2. Quickly create a secure data clean room that connects multiple Bunkers for direct collaboration across unlimited partners
  3. Instantly match data between multiple Bunkers using Private-Set Intersection (PSI) delivers powerful insights at the speed of business

Enhanced Differential Privacy Techniques

Pioneering the use of enhanced differential privacy techniques to control the size and granularity of all results. This guarantees insights never identify a single individual or set of individuals while enabling crucial insights to be revealed and activated.

  1. Each secure data clean room can be customized with granular differential privacy filters to maximize control, privacy, and performance.
  2. Rounding and redaction thresholds are applied to ensure that individuals are never exposed or identified when generating insights.
  3. Purposeful noise injection protects privacy without affecting the accuracy of results
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