Unlocking data’s full potential through collaboration

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
11:00am -1 1:45am EST
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Deliver privacy-first
data onboarding

Deliver personalised messaging in the cookie-free world using first-party data.

Data Onboarding

Future-proofed identity resolution

Maximise match rates to unlock omnichannel marketing in a privacy-first era.


Create second-party

Grow privacy-safe relationships between brands and media owners.

Second Party Audiences

Build strategic

Create flexible first-data and identity alliances to achieve a network effect of collaboration.

Data Collaboration

Imagine a world where data is connected, but never shared

InfoSum Security


Data remains decentralised in secure Bunkers that facilitate analysis and activation without moving raw data.

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InfoSum Privacy


Aggregate level results and differential privacy concepts stop individuals from ever being identified through analysis.

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InfoSum Privacy


Streamlining privacy, security and legal reviews to start data onboarding faster, unlocking marketing that converts.

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The fastest, most privacy-safe way to analyse, optimise, segment and activate data

Control your data

Your data stays in its own isolated standalone cloud instance known as a Bunker. Once your data is uploaded, it never moves again and only you can ever access the Bunker.

Permissions enable you to grant different levels of insight access, however they never grant access to the raw data.


Conduct seamless analysis across all data sources available to you, both your own and those second-party datasets you have permission to analyse.

Use this insight to determine complementary data sources, and the activation partners with the greatest potential to reach your audience.

Automatic normalisation

Your data is automatically normalised to our global schema. Because all datasets go through this process, they all speak the same language, irrelevant of their original taxonomies.

It is possible to perform powerful data cleansing and transformations, so you can shape your data after import, removing the need to make any changes to the original data.

People-based marketing

Create an audience using the most relevant data sources, without pooling your data and without exposing the individuals within the audience. 

Analyse and profile your audience using all the individual attributes available across the various data sources. This empowers you to create the perfect audience segment that delivers on marketing goals.

Insight Engine

Our proprietary Insight Engine generates a virtual database that enables multiple data sources to be analysed without moving, centralising or sharing data.

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Differential Privacy

We utilise differential privacy concepts during both analysis and activation to safeguard personal data and ensure no individual can ever be identified within our UDP.

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Identity Resolution

Our technology doesn’t rely on a single ID or identity graph. Instead it automatically determines the identifier, or combination of identifiers, within the dataset to create the optimal match.

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Permission Control

Our rich permissions management ensures data owners remain in control of who can use their data in their analysis, and to what extent it can be analysed.

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Global Schema

Our automated normalisation and mapping process ensures no changes are required to the original data to make it compatible across multiple data sources.

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Federated Architecture

Our identity infrastructure is built on a federated architecture that ensures all datasets remain decentralised in their own isolated Bunker, but can be analysed ‘as one’.

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