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Now imagine all the possibilities unlocked through this combined customer view.

The future of data collaboration

Empowering publishers to unlock, connect and activate customer insights, without sharing any data.


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Achieve more with your data

InfoSum has a suite of products to help you unlock customer data and collaborate with strategic partners in a privacy-safe environment. We can help you achieve a combined understanding of your customers to deliver more creative, targeted and personalized campaigns.

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The world's first decentralized data platform

Our platform enables you to analyze multiple separated datasets - without merging them into a data honeypot. Onboard, connect and activate your customer data from any source, without putting privacy or PII at risk.

Data is adapted to our Global Schema, converted to a mathematical representation, then any number of these representations can be queried - all while maintaining accuracy, customer privacy and identity resolution.

Platform overview

Building an interconnected data ecosystem

InfoSum’s technology is changing the way publishers understand their customers. For the first time, publishers can make their audience segments available to advertisers.

Publisher A
Publisher B
Advertising Brand
Third Party
Offline Subscriptions
Online Behavioural
Event Data

Combined Customer View

Create an omnichannel understanding of your customers in a matter of minutes, by connecting internal data silos in a privacy safe environment.

Bring Your Own Data

Safely utilize both customer and advertiser data to create targeted advertising that improves engagement and increases ROI, without sharing data.

Bridge Data Sources

Activate customer data across traditionally incompatible platforms, to create a multi-channel understanding of customers, to enable targeting across a number of verticals.

Tactical Data Consortium

On a project-by-project basis, create a multi-party understanding of customers, that can be used to identify an extended audience for targeted advertising.

Augmented Insights

Validate or enrich your customer understanding by safely connecting customer and advertiser data to a third-party data source, without moving or transferring data.

Strategic Data Consortium

Combine insights across multiple publishers, without compromising on trust or privacy, to achieve an unrivalled level of consumer understanding and targeting.

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Breaking down data silos is complicated. That’s why we built you a secure and easy-to-use platform to connect disparate data sources for analysis.

Additionally, our flexible API makes it easy to integrate insights into your existing stack.

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