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The next generation of DMP is decentralized

The world’s most privacy-safe way to activate customer data across multiple channels and brands. Capable of storing both PII and non-PII data, create intelligent audience segments to achieve more targeted and relevant marketing.

Achieve more with your data

InfoSum has a suite of products that help companies unlock more customer data, to achieve a complete understanding of their audience, deliver more targeted marketing and develop strategic data relationships.


Break down data silos

Analyze datasets fragmented across the organization to create a more complete understanding of your customers.

Audience suppression

Optimize your marketing spend and protect against brand overexposure through accurate suppression.

Privacy-safe access

Enable strategic partners to utilize data for insight and enrichment, in a trusted and permission led environment.

Conversion measurement

Remotely match acquisition data to impressions for trusted conversion measurement and ROI.

The world’s first decentralized data platform

Rather than moving data into a pot, build digital bridges between datasets. With InfoSum, you can form collaboration partnerships and query across multiple datasets. Only the query moves, meaning data is never at risk.

Our platform uses a range of differential privacy concepts to maximize query accuracy while preserving privacy. Only with InfoSum can you augment and enrich data, without sharing data and losing control.


The future of marketing is connected data

First-party data is a marketer's most valuable data asset, but activating it can be cumbersome. Our platform simplifies data onboarding by mapping categories against our global schema, so you can analyze isolated datasets, such as multiple CRMs or those with different taxonomies.

During a query, our platform resolves identities in real-time, by creating unique keys based on the datasets. This world-first technology enables identity resolution at scale across any number of internal and external data sources, without needing to share or exchange data.



Connect disparate data silos
Compare overlap with partners
Measure campaign effectiveness


Remote access to client data
Select audiences and find lookalikes
Conduct multi-channel attribution


Compete with walled gardens
Outcome vs exposure measurement
Combine data from different media

Create more collaborative and trusted relationships across the advertising ecosystem


Get started today

Connecting data is complicated, that’s why we built you a secure and easy-to-use Platform to bring together multiple datasets for analysis and activation.

Additionally, our flexible APIs make it easy to integrate into your existing marketing stack.

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