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Now imagine all the possibilities unlocked through this combined customer view.

The future of data collaboration

Empowering publishers to unlock, connect and activate customer insights, without sharing any data.


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Bridging Identity Across Datasets


Use an optimized known audience to deliver people based marketing campaigns.

Decentralized data


Securely connect multiple data sources, without sharing or co-mingling raw data.

Bridging Identity Across Datasets


Securely connect insights with strategic partners to build data-driven relationships.

Bridging Identity Across Datasets


Match identities and build audience segments, powered by a combined customer view.

The world's first decentralized data platform

InfoSum has reimagined data connectivity and collaboration in the advertising ecosystem. Multiple data sources can be safely and securely connected, without any movement or commingling of data.

Our data standardization and mapping technology enables any number of disparate datasets to be analyzed within minutes. By removing the need for a complex ETL process, new opportunities become available to unlock, connect and activate customer data.

Platform overview

Building an interconnected data ecosystem

InfoSum’s privacy-safe technology changes the way brands, publishers and their media agencies activate first-party data, and access second-party data through strategic data collaboration.


Enabling brands to combine insights fragmented across business functions, enhanced with those of strategic partners, while maintaining data privacy.

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Empowering publishers to unlock, connect and activate their customer data both within their organisation and beyond, without ever losing control of their data.

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Helping agencies to better understand their clients target audience through privacy-by-design technology that enables the safe sharing of knowledge between client and agency.

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