Safely use first-party data to build and activate smarter audience-based campaigns at scale.

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Harness the power of data collaboration for maximum accuracy, reach, and scale.

Brands and media owners can collaborate to execute powerful consumer experiences without risk. With InfoSum, organizations can connect, analyze, and build audience-based campaigns using first and second-party data. 

With intuitive drag-and-drop tools and best-in-class privacy-enhancing technology, brands can seamlessly create campaigns generating higher ROI. Media owners can work directly with their brand partners to deliver custom audiences that drive higher yield and demand.


Execute campaigns at full speed

Quickly create high-performing audiences using easy drag-and-drop self-service tools in seconds.

Deliver compelling experiences

Advertisers and media owners can easily collaborate to deliver more compelling consumer experiences.

Maintain addressability and scale

Eliminate reliance on third-party unstable identifiers while protecting first-party data end-to-end.

Maximize ROI, ROAS, and Yield

Reduce media waste, increase performance, and remain in complete control using a data clean room.


Innovative data partnership sees TSB increase account applications by 31%


Make smart media planning work for you

For advertisers

Audience discovery

Easily identify most relevant audience segments and activate directly with media owners or programmatic platforms

  1. Connect and match first-party data directly with media partners, with no data sharing agreements or contracting
  2. Explore and identify the pre populated or custom audience segments that provide the greatest value for your business
  3. Collaborate with multiple partners to compare and combine data to create the optimum media plan before activating

Audience expansion

Use first and second party data to expand and enrich audience profiles for maximum reach and performance

  1. Work directly with identity providers to boost match rates and increase addressability across campaigns and channels
  2. No black-box modeling with full transparency and control over how your audiences are expanded and activated 
  3. Access high-quality first and second party data to enrich identity and audiences for greater accuracy and performance

Audience targeting

Plan and execute audience-based campaigns across all media in a privacy-first cookie-free world

  1. Increase ROI and ROAS with direct first-party data collaboration across media owners
  2. Directly activate campaigns across channels using any addressable ID with complete privacy protection
  3. Reduce media waste and eliminate reliance on third-party cookies or device IDs

For media owners

Audience discovery

Enable advertisers to easily explore and discover valuable audience segments across your inventory

  1. Maximize the yield of your packaged segments with a direct match to brand’s first-party data
  2. Create a competitive advantage over walled gardens through direct brand relationships to boost CPMs
  3. Frictionless segment creation and activation with full compatibility with any existing tech stack 

Audience expansion

Use brand first-party data to create bespoke audience segments to maximize audience addressability and yield

  1. Extend addressable reach and accuracy across inventory with direct collaboration with identity and data providers
  2. Quickly calculate and produce over-indexing audiences per brand partner without sharing or exposing data
  3. Boost CPMs and increase yield with bespoke segments created uniquely for each industry, audience, or brand partner

Audience targeting

Provide maximum addressability and performance for audience-based campaigns in a privacy-first cookie-free world

  1. Remain in complete control of your data and your performance with direct collaboration with brands and agencies 
  2. Increase media yields and improve customer experiences whilst maintaining data privacy and security
  3. Eliminate reliance on third-party cookies and device IDs and work across all ID formats
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