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InfoSum is redefining data collaboration in a privacy-first way. We unlock data’s limitless potential by powering a better data-driven customer experience through privacy-safe collaboration.

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We believe the sum is greater than its parts.

Founded in 2015, InfoSum's vision is to connect the world’s data without ever sharing it – by developing the world’s first decentralized data collaboration platform with the power to analyze and activate data at speed.

Since launching our platform in 2019, security-oriented companies around the world have come to rely on InfoSum’s technology to future-proof their businesses against an unpredictable privacy and technology landscape.

Today, with offices in London, New York and Hamburg, we continue to build robust solutions for a global community of identity architects. We work across financial services, CTV, retail, healthcare, gaming, and entertainment to seamlessly and compliantly deliver better customer experiences.

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Unlock powerful customer insights by tapping into our best-in-class data partners


Activate your customer data with seamless integration across your existing technology stack


Overcome growing data fragmentation with cloud agnostic infrastructure

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At InfoSum, we challenge the status quo through empowering the collective genius. We are always looking for people who share our passion for solving tomorrow’s problems today.

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