Calculate your data-driven strategies' true impact and value with end-to-end privacy protection.


Quantify the true effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

For too long, measurement has relied on intrusive tracking and complex modeling techniques, painting a partial picture of the user journey. With the disappearance of third-party identifiers and the rise of privacy preservation, the industry needs a more accurate, sustainable, and secure way to approach measurement.

With InfoSum, brands and media owners can collaborate to maximize the impact of their data-driven experiences at scale with greater insight into the audience, media, and campaign details that matter most.

Privacy-first measurement

Calculate the true effectiveness of your campaign without exposing valuable transaction or exposure data.

Frictionless setup and process

Fast, direct and transparent measurement process with instant results using real people data.

Integrated data and measurement partners

Partner directly with high-quality data and measurement providers for enhanced  performance and visibility.

Cookie-free and code-free

Measurement that is not reliant on third-party cookies or intrusive tracking to measure success.


Deliveroo increases sign-ups by 20% with a Channel 4 campaign

Deliveroo increases sign-ups by 20% with a Channel 4 campaign

Make measurement work for you

For advertisers

Incremental lift

A fast lightweight solution that calculates the true incremental impact of a campaign on metrics such as sales without exposing any data

  1. Measure marketing impact without exposing sensitive data such as transactions
  2. Flexible outcome definitions such as sales, in-store visits, website visits, add to cart etc
  3. Easy and fast to generate with dedicated InfoSum support
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Reach and frequency

Easily calculate reach and frequency across media including emerging markets with greater control & transparency

  1. Reduce over delivery and optimize consumer experience
  2. Accurate and transparent measurement directly from media owner partners
  3. No reliance on single ID spine, cookies, or device IDs

Audience intelligence

Ensure that you are reaching the right audience with every campaign and generate granular audience insights

  1. Increase ROI and ROAS with direct first-party data collaboration across media owners
  2. Directly activate campaigns across channels using any addressable ID with complete privacy protection
  3. Reduce media waste and eliminate reliance on third-party cookies or device IDs
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For media owners

Incremental lift

A fast and light weight solution that calculates the campaign impact on the outcomes that matter, such as sales.

  1. Provide clear and transparent ROI metrics to brand partners without sharing exposure data
  2. Increase stickiness and generate new business with collaboration
  3. Full control over how your data is used and connected
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Reach and frequency measurement

Provide campaign measurement data directly to brand partners without sacrificing control or privacy protection.

  1. Increase brand stickiness and deliver greater value with transparent measurement
  2. Deepen relationships with premium brand advertisers
  3. Attract more media dollars with collaborative audience and measurement solutions

Audience intelligence

Ensure that each campaign reached the right audience and provide insights for future targeting strategies.

  1. High-value offering requiring minimum resources investment. 
  2. Non-reliant on third-party cookies or intrusive tracking
  3. Opportunity to engage with brands and plan further campaigns
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