Unlock the power of first-party data with Data Clean Rooms

Unlock the power of first-party data with Data Clean Rooms
Friday, December 1, 2023

In today's digital landscape, the ability to harness, analyze, and utilize data has become a cornerstone of success for businesses across industries. As consumer expectations and privacy regulations continue to evolve, the importance of first-party data cannot be overstated. It's not just about collecting data; it's about using it intelligently and securely.

Enter the concept of Data Clean Rooms - a game-changing solution for businesses looking to unlock the true potential of their first-party data. In this blog post, we'll pull key insights from our Ultimate Guide to Data Clean Rooms.

What Are Data Clean Rooms?

Data Clean Rooms are secure and privacy-centric environments that allow multiple parties to collaborate using first-party data without actually sharing the data. These platforms protect sensitive customer information, enabling data analysis and insights whilst reducing risk and supporting companies’ compliance with regulatory requirements. It's a win-win for businesses and their customers.

Data Clean Rooms are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Like businesses with diverse needs and goals, not all Data Clean Rooms are created equal. Some are designed primarily for data storage and analysis, with data collaboration added as an afterthought. This variation in functionality has led to the need to define what truly makes a Data Clean Room.

The IAB Tech Lab, a leading authority in digital advertising technology, published "Data Clean Room Guidance & Recommended Practices" to help businesses differentiate between true Data Clean Rooms and other solutions that might lack essential features such as enhanced privacy protection and decentralization of data.

The Four Categories of Data Clean Rooms

In our guide, we delve deeper into the four categories of data clean rooms:

  1. Pure Play Data Clean Rooms: These decentralized and independent environments enable fast, secure, and efficient data collaboration. They suit multi-party collaborations with minimal data movement and offer robust privacy controls.
  2. Data Warehouse and Cloud Storage: These solutions provide direct access to first-party data for comprehensive SQL analysis. They are known for their large network effect and customization capabilities but may have limitations beyond one-to-one interactions and related to cross-region support.
  3. Legacy CRM and Identity Platforms: These platforms enable the centralization of adtech data, matching, segmentation, and measurement using proprietary identity resolution and legacy CRM tools. While they serve specific purposes, they might not be marketer-friendly or offer the same level of privacy protection as data clean rooms.
  4. Query Orchestration Software: This lightweight software provides marketer-friendly UI, advanced SQL, and flexible API integrations. However, it must sit on top of another data clean room and lacks direct data activation and robust privacy controls, differing from dedicated data clean rooms.

Each category has its own pros and cons, and choosing the right solution for your business depends on your specific needs and goals.

Data Clean Room Use Cases: Challenges and Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven marketing, businesses face many challenges that call for innovative solutions. Data clean rooms offer a versatile toolkit to address these challenges effectively. Let's dive into some key use cases, examining the difficulties they present and the clean room solutions that tackle them head-on.

1. Identity Resolution

Challenge: Marketers often find themselves locked into a single identity provider for matching and resolving identities across a maze of fragmented IDs and channels. This can lead to data sharing and potential data exposure risks.

Data Clean Room Solution: Data clean rooms empower marketers to work with numerous identity vendors, providing a seamless and flexible approach to identity resolution with full transparency. This ensures safer and more effective identity resolution processes.

2. Secure First-Party Data Matching

Challenge: The current data activation standard relies on a convoluted 'daisy chain' of identities, resulting in significant losses in accuracy, scale, and transparency. Marketers often lack visibility into how match rates are calculated or manipulated, making it challenging to maintain control.

Data Clean Room Solution: Data clean rooms give brands, media owners, and data providers the means to achieve the highest fidelity in match rates while offering self-serve, non-technical, and real-time matching. 

3. Media Planning

Challenge: Current solutions in media planning lack a focus on privacy and simplicity. They entail the transfer of sensitive data across opaque supply chains of multiple systems and point solutions, inflating costs and introducing unpredictable inaccuracies.

Data Clean Room Solution: Data clean rooms maximize the accuracy and scale of each campaign by fostering direct collaboration between brands and media owners. The ability to match and analyze sensitive datasets with no risk of exposure ensures continual optimization of campaign and media performance.

4. Audience Activation

Challenge: Phasing out global standards for digital activation, such as cookies and device IDs, creates a void in the supply chain, prompting brands and media owners to rely more on customer relationships and data to maintain addressable connections.

Data Clean Room Solution: Data clean rooms offer a way to future-proof advertising performance through first-party data matching, enabling the delivery of high-performing experiences while maintaining addressable scale. This eliminates the dependence on cookies or device IDs, ensuring lasting relevance and impact.

5. Measurement and Attribution

Challenge: Conventional measurement solutions require substantial data ingestion and expensive data science resources. With access to walled garden data becoming more challenging, calculating campaign performance is increasingly difficult.

Data Clean Room Solution: Data clean rooms empower marketers with simpler and more efficient way to understand and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Easy query tools and drag-and-drop functionality ensure fast insights from complex datasets. This approach transforms the measurement and optimization process into a more efficient and agile operation.

Our guide provides further insight into these use cases and additional use cases enabled by the data clean room. 

Real-World Success Stories

Our guide is not just theoretical. We back our insights with real-world case studies that demonstrate the impact of data clean rooms, including:

  • Renault and Axel Springer: See how Renault achieved an 18% increase in conversion rate using first-party data targeting. (Check out the case study video)
  • ITVX Campaign: Discover how a global fintech platform achieved an 18% increase in app downloads by utilizing data clean rooms.
  • Nectar360 and Channel 4: Learn how CPG brands enhanced customer targeting and measurement without exposing sensitive data, leading to up to 122% sales uplift.

How to get started with Data Clean Rooms

InfoSum makes unlocking your first-party data's potential effortless. With us, you can extract insights, optimize campaigns, and minimize costs to boost ROI, ROAS, and CPM. Our decentralized approach facilitates real-time data connections without sharing sensitive information, saving time and resources. Our user-friendly self-service tools empower non-technical users for efficient execution. 

Ready to get started? Our guide outlines critical steps to implement a data clean room, including defining use cases, confirming data and media relationships, streamlining legal and compliance processes, receiving training, granting and receiving permissions, and expanding your collaboration network.

Whether you're an advertiser, media agency, media owner, data owner, or involved in retail media, this guide offers invaluable insights and practical strategies for harnessing the power of your data.

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