RETAIL: Nectar360 and Channel 4 deliver up to 122% sales uplift for CPGs

Discover how a new strategic second-party data partnership between retail data provider Nectar360 and CTV media owner Channel 4 allows brands to enhance their customer targeting strategies, without any player’s data being exposed to the other parties. In a setup where everyone wins, Nectar360 and Channel 4 can:

  • Provide a targeting solution for CPG advertisers without, or limited, first-party data
  • Effectively measure the impact of Channel 4 campaigns on product sales/conversions
  • Enable streamlined execution of existing BRANDMATCH processes for retail media opportunities via RETAIL

And CPGs can:

  • Access high-value audience definitions based on real purchasing behavior data
  • Deliver targeted advertising across the UK’s largest VOD service
  • Close the loop with incrementality measurement using sales data

Download the case study to discover the results from initial testing brands.

Download our case study.