Working with a partner

Collaborate with a partner to create opportunities for your shared customers in a privacy-safe way that drives business success for everyone.

Develop strategic data partnerships to deliver better business outcomes

Data collaboration has historically been a long and cumbersome cross-functional process that involves moving, sharing, and merging data. It also poses safety and privacy challenges for the parties involved and the customers whose data is being processed. In some cases, mutually beneficial collaboration projects can’t get off the ground because these challenges can’t be overcome.

With InfoSum’s platform, data collaboration adheres to the most robust safety and security standards, thanks to our patented ‘non-movement of data’ technology. Our platform minimizes risk without compromising on powerful data matching and analysis that delivers business outcomes. Without data having to move, the infosec process can be completed in weeks, instead of months. Setting up secure data partnerships has never been easier.

Combine knowledge to power better experiences

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and be able to act on it with direct data partnerships that keep their privacy at the core.


  1. Enrich your customer view with second-party data
  2. Create custom customer segments 
  3. Activate matched data for better experiences
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Build mutually beneficial, flexible, and transparent partnerships

Set up data collaboration projects in just a few weeks thanks to our ‘non-movement of data’ tech, with fully flexible controls on analysis depth.


  1. Build partnerships in a fraction of the usual time
  2. Manage permissions for every collaboration
  3. Never give control of your data to a partner

Instantly identify the synergy between two customer bases

Quickly and easily evaluate the feasibility of a project upfront, without sharing data with each other or a third party.


  1. Instant match evaluation to determine project feasibility 
  2. Discover new partners in the InfoSum ecosystem 
  3. Leverage second-party data sets as a connectivity bridge
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Connectivity, Privacy & Security.
We take this very seriously.


Connectivity is the lifeblood of commerce today. We enable connectivity and collaboration with partners in a way that was never possible before.


We believe that privacy is a basic customer right. That’s why we engineered a privacy-by-design platform to enable collaboration with anyone.


Security is never an afterthought. Instead, it’s considered in every part of our platform to ensure trust in all your collaborations.