Safeguarding the privacy of all customers

We believe that privacy is a basic customer right. That’s why we engineered a privacy-by-design platform to enable collaboration with anyone.

Building trust by ensuring everyone's customer privacy is protected.  

Privacy is integral to the design of our collaboration platform. By providing a secure and privacy-safe way to work with data, businesses can collaborate to create richer customer experiences. We ensure privacy-safe handling of data that complies with ever-evolving privacy laws.

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Zero data sharing

Data is connected both within your business and with partners, without moving any of it.

Differential privacy

Unlock rich insights, while always protecting customer privacy with industry leading privacy controls.


Your collaborations are future-proofed against evolving regulatory and technology changes.

In control

You’re always in control with no centralized data resource; you control your customer data and privacy.

More information?

Download our privacy-by-design factsheet for more details on our best-in-class privacy controls.