Always protecting the security of your data

Security is never an afterthought. Instead, it’s considered in every part of our platform to ensure trust in all your collaborations.

Enabling trusted collaboration by ensuring data security

Our industry-leading security features are backed by comprehensive independent audits, combining to ensure the highest standards of information security. Our transparent approach helps you use our products with confidence - knowing that your data is safe, your collaborations are under your control, and your reputation is protected.

Sheet of metal

Non-Movement of Data

Data is connected both within your business and with partners, without moving any of it.

Bunker Technology

Your data is safe and secure in a private cloud instance that you control.

Permission Controls

You define each collaboration and control the level of insight that can be unlocked.

Certified Secure

We’re rigorously assessed by an independent auditor and regular penetration tests.

More information?

Download our security-as-a-service factsheet for more details on our industry-leading security features.