Working with multiple partners

Collaborate across multiple partners and various industries to power new data-driven experiences.

Maximize your data strategy with multi-party cross-functional collaboration

Data collaboration across multiple companies and industries presents a fantastic opportunity to fully understand consumer behavior, optimize complex cross-functional processes, and build new data products that improve the customer experience.

Historically, data collaboration across industries has been burdened by solutions that require data to be shared and centralized, with the associated privacy risks. Many companies haven’t been able to take advantage of data collaboration because of those risks. Our ‘non-movement of data’ technology enables collaboration in a secure and private manner that gives every party the confidence to take control of their data destiny.

Unlock a holistic view of combined customers

Understand your customers better than ever by bringing together insights from data sets that represent different aspects of their behavior.


  1. Safely connect complementary data sets
  2. Generate in-depth customer insights 
  3. Make cross-functional decisions based on real data
close up image of chains

Optimize cross-industry processes, such as supply chain

Make data-driven decisions to streamline processes that run across multiple industries, whilst ensuring the privacy of your data and your customers.


  1. Securely generate operational insights
  2. Streamline joint processes to increase productivity
  3. Don’t compromise the safety of customer data

Build new data products across industries with high affinity

Offer your clients augmented data products by collaborating directly and securely with multiple organizations to generate strategic insights.


  1. Find complementary partners in our ecosystem
  2. Create new data products in a fraction of the time
  3. Offer your clients safe access to second-party data

Connectivity, Privacy & Security.
We take this very seriously.


Connectivity is the lifeblood of commerce today. We enable connectivity and collaboration with partners in a way that was never possible before.


We believe that privacy is a basic customer right. That’s why we engineered a privacy-by-design platform to enable collaboration with anyone.


Security is never an afterthought. Instead, it’s considered in every part of our platform to ensure trust in all your collaborations.