Activating potential in your company

Tap the latent potential in your stored data by leveraging it across your business to better understand customer opportunities.

Quickly and seamlessly access a single view of your various data silos

Data often exists across multiple systems, departments, and subsidiaries. This can lead to large amounts of customer knowledge being lost where companies may not have the ability either technically or legally to join those data silos. Even where it is possible, doing so is expensive, time-consuming, and carries significant security risk by creating a single-point failure.

With InfoSum’s privacy-safe platform, data sources across systems, departments, and subsidiaries can be quickly, easily, and securely unified without moving any of it. This unified customer understanding can then be made available to authorized users to analyze, without impacting the original data and without risking the privacy of your customers. 

Create a single source of customer knowledge

Bring together your various internal data silos to build a complete understanding of how customers experience your brand and any brands in your portfolio.


  1. Build more accurate customer profiles
  2. Inform marketing and operations decisions
  3. Use insights to improve product development

Empower secure and controlled access across your business

With a single source of truth established, enabling those insights to be safely and securely accessed across your business.


  1. Access controlled by secure permissions
  2. Consumer privacy is protected at all times
  3. Supports compliance with current legislation

Personalize brand experiences for customers

Delivering a more personalized customer experience will attract new customers, and promote loyalty within your existing customer base.


  1. Increase loyalty by tailoring the customer journey
  2. Customize marketing and advertising
  3. Enhance user experience across products
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Connectivity, Privacy & Security.
We take this very seriously.


Connectivity is the lifeblood of commerce today. We enable connectivity and collaboration with partners in a way that was never possible before.


We believe that privacy is a basic customer right. That’s why we engineered a privacy-by-design platform to enable collaboration with anyone.


Security is never an afterthought. Instead, it’s considered in every part of our platform to ensure trust in all your collaborations.