ShareThis makes audience data available through InfoSum

ShareThis makes audience data available through InfoSum
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Brands can now enrich their first-party customer data with powerful audience interest and intent data from ShareThis, all through InfoSum’s privacy-first identity infrastructure

London, UK, 18th August 2020: InfoSum, the world’s leading identity infrastructure provider, and ShareThis, the Sharing Intelligence company that delivers the largest independent consumer interest and intent data for targeting and analytics, announced today a new partnership.

Using InfoSum’s decentralised identity infrastructure, ShareThis will make their 1.8bn audience available for brands to match their first-party data against. By matching their rich customer data to ShareThis data, brands can unlock new insights with highly valuable ShareThis interest and behavioural data sourced from the open web. Brands can use these insights to determine the ShareThis audiences with the highest affinity to their own customers and activate against the full audience segments to increase the reach of their marketing campaigns - all without any data sharing, centralisation or commingling. 

Katie Kidd, Business Development Director at ShareThis, commented “When brands have the ability to layer on rich customer interest data to their first-party data, they gain a much deeper understanding of their customers, which in turn opens up myriad new engagement and activation opportunities. Further, the insights from ShareThis data can be used to plan media buys, run models, and even inform new product and brand innovations.”

Sunil Modha, Sales Director at InfoSum, added “We’re excited to be working with ShareThis to provide them with a new privacy-first way to make their audience data available to brands. Through this new partnership, brands will be able to match their customer data against the ShareThis audience to enrich their customer understanding and deliver more effective people-based marketing campaigns, without having to centralise or commingle any raw data. 

By removing the need for brands to share personal data with ShareThis, and vice-versa, the burden on compliance is massively reduced. This enables brands to come-to-market faster ensuring they never miss new marketing opportunities.”

About InfoSum

InfoSum helps the world's leading brands, media owners and platforms create privacy-first data ecosystems. Founded in 2015, InfoSum is a patented decentralised identity infrastructure that powers rich data insight, activation and measurement - all without requiring our clients to share any customer personal data.

InfoSum is pioneering the transformation from centralised identity structures to a federated open ecosystem where first-party data owners control their data at all times. Businesses using InfoSum’s SaaS platform can build privacy-first ecosystems around their data assets through privacy-by-design data onboarding, post-cookie addressability and data clean room solutions. 

About ShareThis

ShareThis unlocks the power of digital behavioural data by mapping signals of human interest and intent, at scale, from content engagements across the open web. These insights help establish new and deepen existing high value connections between marketers, content creators and consumers.

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