Product Updates - Q3 2020

Product Updates - Q3 2020
Sahiti Surapaneni
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

At InfoSum, our goal is to provide you with the tools that empower you to collaborate with your strategic partners and deliver high performing marketing activity, while prioritising the privacy of your customers. That’s why we’re continuously adding new functionality and enhancing existing functionality within our platform. 

In Q3 2020 we added four new exciting features and wanted to share details on each to ensure you get the most out of InfoSum. 

Multi-Value Keys

Previously, InfoSum supported only a single value per each key which led to customers uploading files with a large volume of rows. To address this, InfoSum is introducing a new optimisation feature, Multi-Value Keys. 

To improve efficiency and deliver a faster upload and normalisation process, this feature gives clients the ability to include multiple values within a single key on a single row. This significantly reduces the number of rows of data required to upload. 

Read about it in more detail on our knowledge base.

Merge Columns

The merge columns feature gives you the ability to merge multiple columns into a single custom category. You can assign this custom category as a key for matching.

In addition to Multi-Value Keys, this feature also optimises the upload process, reducing the overall time and allowing greater flexibility in the creation of custom categories.

Read about it in more detail on our knowledge base.

Insight Permission Enhancements

Following on from enhancements made last quarter that gave clients control over which categories partners could use for insights, we made some enhancements to insight dataset permissions to give users even more controls. You can now restrict your insight dataset permissions in a way that the recipient can activate the results only to the Activation Bunker you own.

Read about it in more detail on our knowledge base.

Dataset Creation Enhancements

We’ve enhanced the dataset creation functionality to offer users greater control and flexibility.  Users can now choose a Bunker size that best fits their source file volumes, as well as the ability to select the cloud instance location and provider for your Bunker.

Read about it in more detail on our knowledge base.

What’s coming next

Multi-Value Attributes

The goal of this feature is to support multiple values or attributes per column by providing new functionality to collapse multiple columns of data into a single column. 

Currently, InfoSum supports only single value columns which leads to customers uploading files with a large volume of columns which slows the upload process. To address this, InfoSum will be introducing a new optimisation feature: Multi-Value Categories. This will give clients the ability to select multiple columns of their data and merge them into a single column with multiple values. 

Company Accounts

With this feature, resources can be managed at a company level, rather than at an individual level. This will also allow teams in a company to work more collaboratively on the company’s resources without explicitly swapping permissions.

US Address Mapping

The goal of this feature is to add US addresses into our Global Schema and the fuzzy matching variations that will significantly improve and enhance match rates.

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