Omnicom’s Annalect and InfoSum launch new data collaboration capabilities

Omnicom’s Annalect and InfoSum launch new data collaboration capabilities
Monday, May 17, 2021

Omnicom’s Annalect and InfoSum launch new data collaboration capabilities as a privacy-safe alternative to cookies, mobile IDs, and other persistent identifiers.

The partnership enables privacy-first data matching, onboarding, and cleanroom capabilities through the Omni platform for the world's largest brands.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESSWIRE) -- Annalect, the data and analytics division of Omnicom Group, Inc (NYSE: OMC) today announced an agreement with InfoSum, the privacy-preserving data collaboration technology, expanding Annalect’s global first-party data management capabilities.

As a result, marketers can connect their own first-party data to a greater number of data sources and deliver richer, more actionable consumer insights, while protecting consumer privacy and data integrity of each party.

Since 2017, Annalect has been a pioneer in adopting next generation privacy-first clean data technology, and the partnership with InfoSum further solidifies Omnicom’s commitment to consumer privacy and client data transparency and control. InfoSum capabilities will be integrated into Omni, Omnicom’s industry leading marketing orchestration and insights platform, enabling clients of Omnicom agencies to utilize InfoSum’s additional data collaboration approaches as an alternative to traditional data sharing and onboarding tools. 

“Adding an independent clean room provider to the Omni infrastructure will empower our clients to connect their first-party data with media and commerce platforms, as well as their broader supply-chain partners, while respecting consumer privacy,” says Annalect Global CEO Slavi Samardzija. “This will maximize the value of their data with the power of Omni applications.”

“InfoSum is built on the principles of privacy, security, and trust between parties. This makes us an ideal partner for Annalect. Our integration with Omni means that sensitive customer data need not move between databases in order to be enriched and activated in an increasingly complex advertising ecosystem. This creates value for brands, media companies, and data partners.” says Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO of InfoSum. 

A key aspect of the partnership is the ability for Omnicom clients to seamlessly use InfoSum technology within the Omni application suite, including a turn-key on-boarding process.

“Independent clean rooms form the bedrock of any future-looking identity and data solution,” says Tim Petrycki, Annalect’s Global Head of Data Strategy. “This partnership with InfoSum allows even deeper collaboration with Omni and our clients’ data.”

About Annalect

Annalect, the data and analytics division of global marketing company Omnicom GroupInc. (NYSE: OMC) helps many of the world’s most successful brands democratize data insights, and makes  it easy to apply them to media and creative executions. At a time when future-proofing global marketing investment has never been more important, Annalect’s data experts and proprietary products provide end-to-end solutions that deliver the results marketers need and the flexibility they never thought possible. Annalect developed and manages the Omni marketing operating system underpinning all Omnicom agencies.

About InfoSum

InfoSum unlocks data’s limitless potential. Using patented, privacy-first technology, InfoSum connects customer records between and amongst companies, without ever sharing data. Customers across financial services, content distribution, connected television, eCommerce, gaming, and entertainment all trust InfoSum to seamlessly and compliantly connect their customer data to other partners through privacy-safe, permissioned, data networks. 

There are many applications for InfoSum’s technology, including standard ‘data-onboarding’ to much more sophisticated use cases that allow for the creation of owned identity platforms, the development of new data and advertising products, and the formation of entirely new marketplaces. Visit for more information. 

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