InfoSum launches 'InfoSum Bridge', a new privacy-centric solution

InfoSum launches 'InfoSum Bridge', a new privacy-centric solution
Thursday, June 10, 2021

JUNE 10, 2021 – New York, NY – InfoSum, the market leader in privacy-centric customer data collaboration, today announced the launch of InfoSum Bridge, a solution built for the future of identity connectivity. InfoSum Bridge enables customers to maximize addressability across channels by seamlessly connecting customer identity from multiple sources. InfoSum’s platform enables advertisers and media companies to take charge of their identity strategy. Those companies with strong first-party customer relationships can connect their proprietary customer identity to trusted partners. InfoSum Bridge incorporates multiple identity providers across every identity type — both online and offline, in any technical framework — including deterministic, probabilistic, and cohort-level matches.

With the industry’s increasing focus on customer privacy, ever-changing global regulations, and deprecation of third-party identifiers, advertisers are in need of a data-secure solution to address fragmentation. Combining the best elements of all current identity approaches, InfoSum’s technology is uniquely positioned to support current and future identifiers, and will be agnostic to where advertisers or publishers have made their identity investments. Connections are made using InfoSum’s patented distributed architecture to ensure data protection and customer privacy. 

InfoSum Bridge offers advertisers, publishers, and data providers a way to address the challenges of a fast-changing data landscape, including an increasing number of identity solutions. By providing independently-audited and secure technology to connect disparate solutions, InfoSum serves as a much-needed translation layer enabling maximum addressability and precision for each participant without ever compromising privacy. 

“InfoSum’s technology is trusted because we provide our customers control over their data, unrivaled flexibility, and secure data collaboration with their partners,” said InfoSum CEO Brian Lesser. “Given we don’t own or control any data, InfoSum is uniquely positioned to be the objective connectivity layer. InfoSum Bridge is already powering leading customer-centric solutions, which do not compromise commitment to consumer privacy.”

Industry leaders are using InfoSum Bridge to secure their data and protect their customers’ identities:

John Lee, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Merkle:

"The conversation around identity is continuing to be top of mind for marketers across the industry, and as the landscape rapidly changes, it's essential that brands have avenues to work together using first-party identity and data in a privacy-safe way. The InfoSum Bridge solution provides our clients and partners a way to collaborate using their first-party data, resolved to Merkury IDs and data, with even greater freedom and confidence than with traditional clean room or safe haven approaches.”

Lou Paskalis:

“As marketers struggle to better leverage their first-party data in the transition from the cookie era to the consent era, I would have expected more innovative solutions to emerge.  One bright spot is InfoSum, which offers a proprietary technology to connect data, yet never share that data. This is the most customer-friendly and compliant technology that I’ve seen that enables marketers to fully realize the true potential of their first party data. What InfoSum has devised is an elegant way to respect consumers’ privacy choices while enabling marketers to realize the full benefit of their first party data.”

Colin Grieves, Managing Director Experian:

“At Experian we are committed to a culture of customer-centric data innovation, helping develop more meaningful and seamless connections between brands and their audiences. InfoSum Bridge gives us a scalable environment for secure, data connectivity and collaboration. Bridge is at the core of the Experian Match offering, which allows brands and publishers alike the ability to understand and engage the right consumers in the digital arena at scale, whilst safeguarding consumer data and privacy.”

InfoSum Bridge is Secure, Fast, and Flexible

  • InfoSum’s industry-leading security features are backed by comprehensive independent audits, combining to ensure the highest standards of information security. Because of InfoSum’s decentralized approach to collaboration, data is never moved or transferred.
  • InfoSum supports combinations of deterministic and probabilistic identifiers, as well as dynamically reporting on match quality. The solution supports an evolving identifier landscape subject to further changes from browser and device manufacturers.
  • InfoSum Bridge enables Augmented Reach - providing customers a means to expand their audience using machine learning and an infinite number of third-party data augmentation partners.
  • InfoSum Bridge accelerates processes that often slow speed to market. Customers can establish partnerships for collaboration far quicker than the average industry standards, often creating new identity connectivity in 2-3 weeks. 

About InfoSum

InfoSum is the world’s leading data collaboration platform. Using patented, privacy-first technology, InfoSum connects customer records between and amongst companies, without ever sharing data. Customers across financial services, content distribution, connected television, eCommerce, gaming, and entertainment all trust InfoSum to seamlessly and compliantly connect their customer data to other partners through privacy-safe, permissioned, data networks. There are many applications for InfoSum’s technology, including standard ‘data-onboarding’ to much more sophisticated use cases that allow for the creation of owned identity platforms, the development of new data and advertising products, and the formation of entirely new marketplaces. 

InfoSum was founded in 2015. The company has multiple patents, protecting its invention of the ‘non-movement of data.’ InfoSum is based in the US, UK and CE, with offices, and customers across Europe and North America. The company is poised for exponential growth in 2021, with a fresh $15MM Series A investment, and a rapidly expanding client base.

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