InfoSum launch world’s first decentralized platform to activate first-party data

InfoSum launch world’s first decentralized platform to activate first-party data
Thursday, January 10, 2019

For the first time, brands, publishers and their media agencies can safely utilize their customer data for audience segmentation and targeting, without compromising on privacy or data ownership.

InfoSum today announced the launch of the world’s first decentralized customer data platform. This new technology provides marketers and analysts with the capability to safely access and activate more data-driven customer knowledge than ever before.

London, January 10th 2019 - InfoSum’s new data platform builds trust in the marketing ecosystem by providing a decentralized environment to connect customer data, conduct analysis and drive more effective campaigns, without any data exchange. For the first time, brands, agencies, and publishers can collaborate over datasets without sharing the raw data.

Organizations can create a unified view of their customers by connecting internal data silos, collaborating with their strategic partners and enriching understanding with second-party data. The platform produces the same analytical output as stitching the datasets together in one location, without the data privacy, trust and implementation barriers.

The platform enables media buyers to safely access granular detail on viewing behavior, so they can analyze the patterns of their own customers’ activity. Planners can create specific segments for media buying, whilst ensuring no personal data is exchanged. Likewise, campaign measurement can be accelerated, by comparing ad exposure with subsequent purchase.

Nick Halstead, Founder and CEO commented, “InfoSum’s platform has been developed utilizing our patented technology that enables businesses to collaborate across data without ever pooling or moving the raw data; creating a fully decentralized experience.

While other platforms have become popular due to their ability to bring together datasets across the business, they rely on the centralization of data which increases the risk of data breaches or mishandling. Additionally, this centralization makes the use of second or third party data to enrich your customer data cumbersome.

Our decentralized approach means that businesses can not only use all the data held within their own organization to better understand their current and prospective customers, but they can also create transparent strategic relationships with complementary businesses that can deliver the same level of data-driven customer understanding, as the tech giants.

InfoSum’s platform enables privacy-safe data analytics, by removing the risk of anonymized data being manipulated and stitched with other sources to identify individuals. It uses differential privacy concepts and data anonymization techniques to enable users to gain insights from a multitude of datasets while making it impossible to extract information about a single individual.

Datasets are held in isolated instances and connected in a distributed and decentralized network, then the query is sent to the instances, rather than the data being moved. The platform is scalable to connecting and querying any number of databases. It also removes the need for a restrictive single ID or master profile, which enables organizations to utilize their own identifiers.

For further information please contact:
Ben Cicchetti, Head of Marketing

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