Bringing the power of data clean rooms to out-of-home and beyond

Bringing the power of data clean rooms to out-of-home and beyond
Jared Hand
Tuesday, July 11, 2023

This week we were thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor. Through this new collaboration, InfoSum and Clear Channel Outdoor are revolutionizing the world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. By combining the accuracy, reach, and relevancy of first-party data with the impact and visibility of traditional and digital out-of-home (OOH/DOOH) advertising, InfoSum and Clear Channel Outdoor are opening up a new era of hyper-localized advertising that increase awareness and conversions. 

Why is this important in today’s advertising landscape? Well, as third-party cookies and other perishable identifiers have become increasingly less reliable, organizations are focused on collecting and activating first-party data. Direct collaboration between brands and media owners has become a critical priority for customer-centric organizations. Data clean rooms have emerged as a foundational component of the modern marketing technology stack, enabling multiple parties to quickly, easily and effectively match first, second, and third-party data while safeguarding the security of the data and consumers’ privacy for all.

Data clean rooms have been widely adopted across display advertising, CTV and audio channels. But now Clear Channel Outdoor and InfoSum are bringing that power to OOH and DOOH advertising. From today,  advertisers will benefit from the unique combination of CCO RADAR® which provides relevant out-of-home experiences to 130M+ Americans in 65+ markets across 70K+ roadside and airport displays and InfoSum’s patented secure multi-party collaboration with its rapidly growing data network. This partnership gives advertisers a seamless way to harness the full power of their first-party data to activate and measure high-performing OOH media campaigns with the confidence that their customers’ privacy and their business reputation are protected at every step. 

Unlocking powerful omnichannel possibilities with first-party data

Our partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor enables marketers to expand their first-party data strategies across the omnichannel landscape. The possibilities are limitless when working within a data collaboration platform like InfoSum, which fosters premium media, data, and advertiser partnerships. Marketers can execute integrated offline and online consumer experiences that are hyper-relevant and now hyper-local. 

The new era of omnichannel data-driven planning, made possible by our partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor and the implementation of InfoSum, offers immense benefits to all parties involved. Marketers can now tap into the power of first-party data and deliver highly relevant and engaging advertising experiences to their target audiences. Consumers benefit from seeing more personalized ads while their privacy remains protected. And the various audience owners benefit from new revenue streams that promote commercial growth while protecting and building consumer trust. For example:

Hyper-Targeted Billboard Advertising

Imagine a consumer electronics brand that wants to target ads for their latest headphones around stadiums hosting concerts of specific music artists. By matching their first-party data with the listening habits from an audio streaming platform, they can identify the most popular artists among their customer base. This valuable information informs the placement of their ads, targeting those artists' tour stops and the creative enabling them to feature those artists in their campaign - maximizing relevancy and engagement.

At the same time, the consumer electronics brand can use the knowledge gained from both Clear Channel Outdoor and the audio streaming service to target ads at people listening to their most popular artists. 

Strategic Collaborations for Enhanced Targeting

Taking it a step further, the consumer electronics brand collaborates with an airline, a popular theme park, and Clear Channel Outdoor. By analyzing data, they can understand the airports most likely to serve travelers heading to that specific theme park. With this insight, they run ads on Clear Channel Outdoor billboards at those airports, offering discounts on the headphones to passengers who upgrade their seats for flights to that destination. This strategic collaboration not only drives growth for all parties involved but also enhances targeting precision and delivers a seamless and compelling advertising experience to consumers.

Throughout this entire process, InfoSum ensures that no party has to share their data. By preserving the privacy of consumers, all data remains securely within the control of each respective party. This privacy-first approach prioritizes the protection of sensitive information and guarantees that consumers receive relevant advertising without compromising their privacy.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the evolution of out-of-home advertising, bringing it into the data-driven privacy-centric future -empowering marketers to optimize accuracy, reach, and relevancy at a hyper-local level.

What’s old is new again

OOH advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Innovations like data clean rooms are unlocking new and innovative opportunities in this traditional advertising channel. This is something our experts at InfoSum are seeing more and more. 

While data collaboration and data clean rooms are typically associated with digital channels like display, CTV, or audio, we are now pioneering the expansion of these opportunities to traditional media. We are actively working with organizations to bring the power of first-party data collaboration to email marketing and direct mail, unlocking a world of omnichannel marketing possibilities. By breathing new life into traditional marketing channels, we’re excited that "what's old is new again." 

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