The Secure Data Clean Room

Instantly connect to infinite datasets with zero data sharing for maximum privacy and performance.

Maximum data protection and performance

Unlock your data’s full potential in a privacy-first world. InfoSum empowers companies to instantly match and analyze across unlimited datasets in real-time without sharing or moving data, eliminating the risk of exposure, leakage, or misuse.

Create your own network of data collaboration partners and improve the performance of all data-driven strategies including audience planning, activation, and measurement with complete data privacy, security, and governance.

Zero-trust collaboration

Overcome commercial trust to collaborate with limitless strategic partners with no data sharing.

Decentralized data processing

All processing is fully decentralized and cloud-agnostic eliminating the complexity and risk of centralized data lakes or warehouses.

Privacy-enhancing technology

Patented non-movement of data and differential privacy techniques maintain complete data privacy, security, and governance.

Collaborative data network

Safely connect, analyze and activate data from multiple clean rooms without risk and at maximum speed.

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Real-time first-party data matching

Instantly match, analyze, and collaborate across first-party data without the data ever moving.

  1. Instantly connect and match data from any source for easy data onboarding and increased match rates
  2. Analyze audience reach and overlap at a granular level for optimum accuracy and scale
  3. Remain entirely agnostic of cloud and identity provider
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Seamless identity resolution

Work with any match or identity partner for complete transparency, control, and effectiveness of data.

  1. No reliance on a single identity spine or unique identifier
  2. Instantly and transparently test match rates against multiple onboarding and identity vendors
  3. Maximize match rates by collaborating across identity and ID graphs

Data enrichment

Uncover deep insights about your core customers and prospects for better experiences delivered at scale.

  1. Connect first-party data to a network of premium data partners and media owners
  2. Tap into high-quality demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioural attributes
  3. Make insights actionable with powerful audiences powered by high-quality first, second, and third-party consumer data
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Audience planning and activation

Seamlessly build and activate powerful audiences at scale across direct and programmatic partners

  1. Quickly create high-performing audiences using easy drag-and-drop self-service tools
  2. Collaborate directly with media owners to deliver relevant consumer experiences
  3. Activate with no reliance on third-party cookies or other unstable identifiers

Measurement and analytics

Accessible for both business users and data scientists with easy-to-use analytical tools and a powerful querying tool.


  1. Unlock granular insights across first, second, and third-party data sources
  2. Compare outcome data to ad exposure data to accurately measure incremental lift
  3. Verify that your campaign reached the correct audience
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