Privacy-safe data collaboration for better customer experiences

 All businesses want to deliver better data-driven customer experiences. Until recently this required sharing data and compromising your customer relationships. InfoSum allows businesses to securely work with privacy-safe data at scale without compromise.

One platform powering all your collaborations, today and tomorrow

Our technology allows your data to be connected with both internal groups and external partners - without sharing any data.

InfoSum delivers true privacy-by-design collaboration, ensuring your customers are never at risk. With robust permissions, you have the power to customize each collaboration. We make it easy for you to secure your data. Our decentralized Bunkers keep you in control of your data at all times.

Collaborative opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Connectivity, Privacy, and Security.
We take this very seriously.


Connectivity is the lifeblood of commerce today. We enable connectivity and collaboration with partners in a way that was never possible before.


We believe that privacy is a basic customer right. That’s why we engineered a privacy-by-design platform to enable collaboration with anyone.


Security is never an afterthought. Instead, it’s considered in every part of our platform to ensure trust in all your collaborations.

There are many ways InfoSum can help propel your business today

Below are the various ways that data collaboration can take shape when you look to activate internally or with partners.

Internal: Activating potential in your company

Tap the latent potential in your stored data by leveraging it across your business to better understand customer opportunities.


  1. Create a single source of customer knowledge
  2. Empower secure and controlled access in your business
  3. Personalize brand experiences for customer
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One-to-One: Working with a partner

Collaborate with a partner to create opportunities for your shared customers in a privacy-safe way that drives business success for everyone.


  1. Combine knowledge to power better experiences
  2. Build mutually beneficial, flexible and transparent partnerships
  3. Instantly identify the affinity between two customer
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We are thrilled that with InfoSum we have found a solution that puts data privacy first and enables us to collaborate with brands. By unlocking the power of our first-party data and giving brands access to our marketing channels, we can help accelerate ROI by delivering relevant experiences to customers and ultimately enhance the shopping experience for them.

Peter Markey

InfoSum made working with TSB really straightforward. The ‘non-movement of data’ approach meant we could easily and securely match our 51.7 million audience to TSB’s 5 million customers in a privacy-first way.

Katie Bowden

InfoSum's privacy-first platform, designed for the cookie-less future, complements Planet V's principles of being a trusted solution for advertisers and partners and designed for the future of TV advertising.

Kelly Williams
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One-to-Many: Working with multiple partners

Collaborate across multiple partners and various industries to power new data-driven experiences.


  1. Unlock a holistic view of combined customers
  2. Optimize cross-industry processes, such as supply chain
  3. Build new data products across industries with high affinity
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Working in a Co-op

Leverage data assets across multiple businesses to create new privacy-first ecosystems that power better products and services.


  1. Unlock collaborative opportunities with competitors
  2. Create innovative products that benefit entire industries
  3. Promote greater data democratization via industry-wide insights
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