Brands, media owners, identity providers and platforms are creating new first-party data ecosystems built on InfoSum’s identity infrastructure.

With these new privacy-first ecosystems coming to market faster, exciting new cross-channel and cross-platform marketing opportunities are available.

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Bridge the identity gap across mobile, display and TV, to unlock the next-generation ecosystem where multiple identity types and platforms can be seamlessly connected.


Utilise both deterministic identity matching on personal data, and probabilistic methods such as IP address to deliver greater accuracy of identity resolution.


Marketing is delivered at an unrivalled scale with no reliance on a single form of identity. Enabling match rates to be maximised across any number of channels.


Build trusted data co-ops, that power cross-dataset analysis that delivers transparent insight that can drive accurate and reliable attribution and ROI measurement.

Featured ecosystems powered by InfoSum’s identity infrastructure

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Experian Match

InfoSum powers Experian’s Match identity solution. Match provides UK publishers with addressability at scale, without relying on third-party cookies or requiring a logged-in audience.

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European Connected TV

European Connected TV

Achieve more effective people-based marketing across video-on-demand services by enabling advertisers to match their first-party customer data against addressable audiences from Europe's top broadcasters.

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US Identity

US Identity

US brands and media owners want to move to an open identity ecosystem and be able to select with complete transparency the identity partner and matching keys that delivers the highest match rate for their goals.

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