ITV launches data partnership with InfoSum

ITV launches data partnership with InfoSum
Monday, August 24, 2020

London, UK, 24th August 2020: ITV is to partner with leading identity infrastructure provider InfoSum as part of a new first-party data strategy that will make its 30 million ITV Hub subscribers available for advertisers to match against and activate as target audiences via a secure and compliant solution without either party needing to exchange first-party data sets.

InfoSum’s ‘privacy-by-design’ operating infrastructure will also allow brands to easily and accurately activate customised audiences across the ITV Hub, but without requiring any personal data to be shared. 

Unlike other solutions which frequently rely on third-party IDs or the centralisation of data, the ITV and InfoSum proposition is based purely on ITV’s and advertisers’ first-party data.

Read the full press release from ITV.

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