IRI and InfoSum partner to enable seamless data collaboration for advertisers with an emphasis on customer privacy

IRI and InfoSum partner to enable seamless data collaboration for advertisers with an emphasis on customer privacy
Wednesday, August 24, 2022

IRI data is now available through InfoSum for first-party data enhancement, planning, activation and analytics to improve effective communication with consumers and efficient use of marketing dollars.

CHICAGO and NEW YORK — Aug. 24, 2022 — IRI®, which recently merged with The NPD Group to create a leading global technology, analytics and data provider, today announced a new partnership with InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform. InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room technology will enable IRI’s clients to enrich their first-party data with IRI’s purchase-based deterministic information in an environment designed with privacy in mind. IRI will offer both transaction data from 45 million households and IRI ProScores® one of the industry’s highest-quality, purchase-based datasets — within InfoSum’s platform.

This integration will allow advertisers to collaborate and enhance their first-party data with IRI’s industry-leading consumer packaged goods purchase data and other second- and third-party data available on InfoSum’s platform to improve planning, targeting, activation and measurement with speed, all with privacy and compliance in mind. IRI’s transaction data provides advertisers and their agencies access to purchase time, product and brand name, quantity, price and basket total, as well as primary and secondary category information derived from more than 16 different retailers. IRI ProScores provide the highest-propensity-to-buy households that capture as much of the addressable United States as desired, descending from most valuable to least valuable, using a proven purchase-derived methodology. InfoSum’s interoperable data clean room technology will enable premium data matching for customers.

“Together with InfoSum, we are helping CPG marketers connect with the highest-quality purchase data in the industry and seamlessly infusing it into each phase of the marketing process, amplifying end-to-end collaboration,” said Jennifer Pelino, executive vice president, Global Media Solutions, IRI. “Our partnership enables more efficient data connections in an environment built with security and privacy in mind to augment clients’ first-party data. Because we capture purchase behavior across online and offline activities, clients leverage IRI data as a foundation for omnichannel activation, and with InfoSum’s architecture, we can move with the speed and agility that advertisers desire.”

InfoSum’s platform empowers companies to unlock the total value from their first-party data, with complete control and transparency. Its data clean room infrastructure provides organizations with the freedom to match across multiple partners without having to share sensitive data with anyone. InfoSum applies best-in-class privacy controls and differential privacy techniques and utilizes its “non-movement of data” approach to prioritize customer privacy at every stage, allowing each data owner to retain complete control of their data.

“This partnership with IRI will bring first-party data and premium data matching to the forefront for InfoSum customers,” said Marc Cestaro, vice president for InfoSum. “IRI is the industry leader and bellwether for CPG first-party data, and our new partnership will enable brands to drive better business outcomes through our fast and frictionless data matching, while prioritizing privacy and compliance. We’re eager to offer advertisers and agencies the largest CPG data assets globally for improved targeting and actionable measurement.”

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