Introducing Platform Sigma - Powering the next generation of data collaboration

Introducing Platform Sigma - Powering the next generation of data collaboration
Brian Lesser
Thursday, July 21, 2022

From its inception, InfoSum's vision has been to connect the world's data without sharing it. Through this secure collaboration, better consumer experiences are delivered that improve everything from advertising and content consumption to how we manage our health and finances.

The world's customer data lives in various sizes, formats, and locations, across a multitude of databases and data warehouses. This fragmentation can hamper data partnerships and limit the effectiveness of business processes. To accelerate the notion of collaboration without movement of data, we challenged our team to reinvent the data collaboration platform once again. The result is Platform Sigma, which we are thrilled to launch today. This next-generation platform allows any customer data to be connected regardless of size, format, location or database of record. Platform Sigma makes these connections without compromising our core belief in the non-movement of data, adhering to the industry’s highest standards of privacy and security. 

Sigma represents the culmination of two years of work by the team at InfoSum and once again pushes data collaboration to new heights, enabling organizations to extract the total value from their first-party data - without risk or limits. These new features and enhancements to our existing platform will allow organizations to do more with their data and accelerate the adoption of data clean rooms across the industry.  

Data clean room adoption

As anyone who has attended an industry event over the last 12 months can attest, data clean rooms have been the hot topic in any conversation. We’re now at an inflection point where all customer-centric organizations are actively implementing data collaboration technology. 

Adoption is rapidly moving beyond basic one-to-one matches and individual campaign execution to full-scale multi-party collaboration connecting all parts of the marketing and advertising data ecosystem. Data clean rooms provide connectivity and protection across all media use cases, enabling organizations to leverage the full value of their data without compromising on privacy. 

With growing usage comes new complexities. We’ve seen an entirely new landscape of media networks emerge across retail, TV, gaming, audio, and entertainment, each looking to build and control their own data clean rooms. This requires flexible and agnostic infrastructure that can be integrated seamlessly into existing tech stacks to provide the necessary structure and control, rather than relying on third-party-operated data clean rooms. 

InfoSum’s role as an infrastructure provider is to make that implementation process as seamless as possible. Platform Sigma removes any restrictions related to the data's size, shape or location. This makes it easier for companies to make their data actionable and available for collaboration without requiring the data to be touched. 

Measuring success for the future

Today, data clean rooms are used across enterprise organizations to onboard and match customer data across multiple parties for planning and activation. With Platform Sigma, we provide enhanced query capabilities that will unlock deeper audience insights and supercharge first-party data strategy. 

If data clean rooms have been number one on the agenda for organizations in 2022, measurement has been a close second. Brands and media companies are clamoring for a better way to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in a cookieless world. That’s why we have initially focused the power of this enhanced querying on a privacy-safe approach to measurement. The new transformational tools in Platform Sigma will allow for complex multi-dimensional datasets, such as log-level data, to be transformed into actionable data models, instantly unlocking more accurate and powerful measurement use cases, including incrementality analysis and reach and frequency. 

Powering private data networks

Connecting the world’s data without sharing it was an ambitious vision for InfoSum. Enabling any organization, regardless of size, to tap into the power of data collaboration is an essential first step. From here, we are seeing the growth of private data networks - complementary and even competing businesses coming together to create privacy-centric enclaves and cross-industry cooperatives. 

I’ve participated in several cooperatives over the years, and several barriers often emerge that limit their success. Trust has consistently been the single most significant barrier, caused by a prerequisite to share, centralize, and commingle each party’s data.

Those barriers are eliminated with Platform Sigma. We’ll be introducing a series of ‘network enablers’ such as a new network-based permissions system that makes establishing and managing private data networks effortless. As always, data owners retain complete control over their data, and consumer privacy is protected throughout with end-to-end non-movement of data and best-in-class privacy controls.

Whether it’s multiple media companies, multiple brands, or even measurement and identity cooperatives, their success and the innovation they can drive are now only limited by the imagination of the organizations setting them up. 

Extending non-movement of data

The final piece of the puzzle for rapid adoption of data clean rooms and other privacy-enhancing technologies was interoperability. Our goal is not only to put the power of collaboration in the hands of our customers but also to work with other like-minded technology providers to bring non-movement of data outside the walls of InfoSum. 

With Platform Sigma, we unlock new ways for organizations to integrate InfoSum’s technology directly into their tech stack. Whether through our new open API and App Exchange or our upcoming open source project, we’re excited by the opportunity to bring our patented non-movement of data approach to the wider advertising ecosystem. 

Join the next generation

We're excited for you all to get your hands on Platform Sigma and discover the infinite power of data collaboration. With this release, you'll have the flexibility and freedom to own your own data clean rooms built on the safest, most secure, and most interoperable infrastructure available. 

Reach out to the team to start extracting the full value of first-party data today, and read our Platform Sigma press release for more details on all these new features and more.

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