Introducing Identity Architects

Introducing Identity Architects
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

We’re all obsessed with technology. Good technology can change the way you work and the way you live. But for technology to be a force of change, you need people with the vision to evolve industries. That is why we are launching Identity Architects, a podcast dedicated to spotlighting the people who have pioneered the way that data and identity are used to deliver better customer experiences.

Our Marketing Director Ben Cicchetti will guide you through the upcoming episodes where different members of the InfoSum team will talk with individuals we think – and know – are changing the game in their particular industry.

But what are Identity Architects?

So for anyone wondering what Identity Architects are, we asked Ben the exact same question and this is his answer:

“To me, Identity Architects are the people who continuously challenge the status quo. They’re the individuals in media, gaming, financial services, health care, and tons of other industries who believe that there is a better way to use customer data to deliver rich experiences to consumers.“

If you like you can also listen to Ben introducing our new podcast series in our trailer episode here:

First episode now live

And the first episode is already live: Our VP of Sales Stuart Colman had the chance to chat with David Amodio, Deputy Head of Digital and Innovation at UK broadcaster Channel 4. They talked about the latest news, how they see the media industry evolving in the coming months and years, as well as talking about Channel 4’s new solution that enables the creation of custom audiences across All 4.

Listen in on your favourite podcast streaming platform now:

We are really excited by this podcast series and are looking forward to welcoming some amazing individuals over the coming months. We have a number of guests lined up, but if you would like to suggest a future guest email us at

And remember to subscribe to know when the next episode goes live!

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