InfoSum announces Google PAIR integration

InfoSum announces Google PAIR integration
Thursday, May 25, 2023

InfoSum announces Google PAIR integration enabling advertisers and publishers to activate first-party data using Display & Video 360 and InfoSum’s secure data collaboration infrastructure.

(NEW YORK, NY) May 25, 2023 -- InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, today announced its integration with Google Display & Video 360’s PAIR to help its brand and publisher clients more closely connect with their first-party audiences, while bringing privacy protection and end-to-end data security. 

Display & Video 360’s Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) is a new solution that is integrated into Google’s Display & Video 360 (DV360) DSP and enables advertisers and publishers to reconcile their first-party data without tracking people across the web. The integration of InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room allows brand and publisher clients to activate their reconciled audiences via Display & Video 360 and set up private and open marketplace buys. No data is ever shared between parties, and the aggregated data is only readable and meaningful in the context of the specific advertiser-to-publisher relationship.

As an ecosystem solution designed for use across all browsers and SSPs, PAIR offers flexibility for InfoSum’s advertiser and publisher clients. The partnership provides customer-centric organizations with a sustainable long-term path to addressability, scale, and performance that meet consumer privacy expectations.

"InfoSum’s integration with Google Display & Video 360’s PAIR provides customer-centric companies the ability to maximize the potential of their first-party data," said Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO at InfoSum. “The partnership will enable advertisers to reach high-intent audiences with greater ease, increasing ROAS, while prioritizing the privacy of their customers. We’re thrilled to work with Google to deliver PAIR and bring the industry one step closer to doing right by consumers.”

“The combination of PAIR and InfoSum will drive meaningful outcomes for our clients. PAIR is an important step in enabling a connected, data-driven advertising ecosystem, with reduced reliance on cookies,” said Amy Darwish, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at Annalect. “With InfoSum and PAIR, Omnicom’s clients will be able to unleash the power of their first-party data to deliver rich, personalized advertising experiences that not only engage their customers, but also builds trust in their brand by prioritizing consumer privacy and control.”

“With the digital media industry in a state of flux, moving towards an ecosystem underpinned by first-party data and away from third-party cookies, publishers need to navigate new approaches to leveraging their data. With InfoSum and PAIR, we have the opportunity to explore a privacy-first, cookieless way to future-proof our addressability and build closer relationships with our advertisers,” said David Rowley, VP Revenue Technology at News Corp. “By utilizing InfoSum and PAIR, advertisers will have the ability to leverage their first-party data against our extensive audience to deliver a better advertising experience for our readers.”

The benefits of the InfoSum and Display & Video’s PAIR partnership include:

  • Control: Advertisers and publishers maintain complete ownership and control over their data; data cannot be pooled to create profiles
  • Protection: PAIR’s advanced encryption design protects against data leakage and prevents tracking users across the web
  • Choice: Publishers and advertisers have the choice of deal types (non-guaranteed and guaranteed), auction types (open and private), and desired CPMs for monetization controls
  • Reach: PAIR is designed to be used with any browser and SSP, filling gaps and complementing other solutions
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