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Engage your first-party audience with Google PAIR

InfoSum is proud to partner with Google's DV360 to bring privacy protection and end-to-end data security to the open exchange.

PAIR is a secure and privacy-safe way for advertisers and publishers to match their first-party data for marketing use cases. PAIR uses advanced data encryption and synthetic ID generation methods provided by the InfoSum Secure Data Clean Room, with no reliance on third-party cookies.

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Sustainable First-party Data Activation

Privacy, control, and flexibility in data analysis

Improve the reach of first-party data

PAIR is an ecosystem solution designed for use across all browsers and SSPs, providing total flexibility.

Maintain full control of your assets

With PAIR & InfoSum, your data is never shared, ensuring comprehensive data security and preventing the creation of profiles.

Achieve end-to-end privacy protection

InfoSum and PAIR focus on direct relationships between advertisers and publishers, protecting against data leakage and cross-domain tracking.

Activate with total flexibility

Leverage multiple buying strategies, inventory, auction options, and desired CPMs for complete control.

How does PAIR work with InfoSum?

InfoSum’s application of the PAIR protocol ensures no user-level data is ever shared between parties, and the aggregated data is only readable and meaningful in the limited context of a specific relationship (advertiser to publisher).

Permission-based controls

Permission-based controls

Each party controls what data is connected, by who, for what purpose and for how long, down to the key and attribute level, via granular permission controls.

Secure data connectivity

Advertiser and publisher data is encrypted and securely leveraged within the InfoSum platform without ever sharing or moving keys or data.

Secure data connectivity
Instant match rates

Instant offline match rates

Offline match rates between encrypted datasets can be immediately calculated to identify the count of overlapping customers for fast partner assessment.

Seamless activation

All Advertiser PAIR audiences are pushed directly to DV360 and all Publisher PAIR datasets are pushed to any SSP for fast, easy, and seamless activation.

Seamless activation

Why work with InfoSum?


Generate instant match rates, and create PAIR activation segments in minutes.


Our drag-and-drop functionality, puts everyday users in the driver’s seat.


Safely extract the full potentialfrom first-party data to execute smarter campaigns.

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