InfoSum and Starcount partner to better enhance first-party data

InfoSum and Starcount partner to better enhance first-party data
Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The collaboration enables brands, agencies, and publishers to access data that shows what customers love and care about for audience insights and activation in a privacy-safe way.

London, 14 July 2021 - InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, and Starcount, an innovative data company, today announced their partnership. This will help advertisers and publishers to better understand and engage target audiences by enriching their own first-party data with an understanding of what customers love and care about. These insights allow brands to connect emotionally with their audience to build meaningful brand relationships and lasting loyalty.

By enriching Starcount’s data onto their own customer records through InfoSum, brands and publishers can build a deeper understanding of what motivates their customers to help predict future behaviour. This insight reveals why customers choose them over competitors and can be mapped into InfoSum’s privacy-first framework to find lookalike audiences across the publisher ecosystem.

Starcount analyses demographic and social data on 30 million UK consumers to create a behavioural understanding of what customers love with dynamic data which stays on top of fast-growing trends and market movement. By activating this data in the marketing and advertising ecosystem, Starcount generates results:

35% uplift in exposure to target audience

4x revenue than BAU in incremental sales

Reduce churn by retaining 60% of lapsing customers

The new Starcount and InfoSum partnership allows marketers to activate this data within a secure, privacy-safe framework to drive a future-proofed solution.

Sunil Modha, Sales Director at InfoSum, says:

We are excited to partner with Starcount to give brands, publishers and agencies a new privacy-first way to connect Starcount’s consumer insights to their own first-party data. Safe and secure data collaboration is more important than ever. The depreciation of third-party cookies has resulted in a loss of connectivity and customer knowledge for many companies. To future-proof their marketing, brands and publishers need to be able to access insights that enable them to deliver better campaigns while protecting consumers’ privacy. That is exactly where our ‘non-movement of data’ approach comes into play.”

Rowena Humby, CEO at Starcount, comments:

“By partnering with InfoSum, Starcount brings the targeting variables that marketers love outside walled-gardens into an omnichannel and measurable solution. Starcount works with brands, agencies, and publishers to leverage first-party data and enrich Starcount's data knowledge to reveal an understanding of customer motivations to transform marketing by connecting emotionally. Through our new partnership with InfoSum, we are excited to activate this dynamic behavioural data across the marketing and advertising ecosystem to improve customer retention, acquisition and lifetime value.”

About Starcount

Starcount is an innovative data company with a mission to transform customer targeting for the marketing and advertising industry by introducing a new data set which reveals customer’s emotional drivers of behaviour. Starcount was recently ranked in the top 50 of the Deloitte Technology Fast Track and the Financial Times’ best upcoming consultancies.

The Starcount team are united by a belief that data can be used for good and invest in designing privacy-first targeting solutions. We believe that the successful brands of the future will be those who create an emotional connection with their customers through an understanding of what matters to them – whether their health, the planet or lifestyle. By using this messaging to communicate, advertisers show they care and make their brand the customer’s first choice.

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About InfoSum

InfoSum is the world’s leading data collaboration platform. Using patented, privacy-first technology, InfoSum connects customer records between and amongst companies, without ever sharing data. Customers across financial services, content distribution, connected television, eCommerce, gaming, and entertainment all trust InfoSum to seamlessly and compliantly connect their customer data to other partners through privacy-safe, permissioned, data networks. There are many applications for InfoSum’s technology, including standard ‘data-onboarding’ to much more sophisticated use cases that allow for the creation of owned identity platforms, the development of new data and advertising products, and the formation of entirely new marketplaces.

InfoSum was founded in 2015. The company has multiple patents, protecting its invention of the ‘non-movement of data.’ InfoSum is based in the US, UK, and CE, with offices, and customers across Europe and North America. The company is poised for exponential growth in 2021, with a fresh $15MM Series A investment, and a rapidly expanding client base.

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