Data collaboration to power Advanced TV advertising

Data collaboration to power Advanced TV advertising
Ben Cicchetti
Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The relationship between consumers and companies has been evolving at a steady pace, but the events of 2020 significantly accelerated these trends. People are consuming more content over the internet than ever before, and brands are working to build more direct relationships with their customers. The result? Significant growth in first-party customer data. 

Data-driven advertising is proven to be more engaging for consumers, and therefore deliver higher peformance for brands. At the same time, advanced TV advertising spend is predicted to grow by 40.1% in 2021 (eMarketer US Connected TV Advertising 2020). As such, the opportunity for both brands and media owners is high. 

This week, we look at the collaborative opportunities this growth creates for brands who need to communicate with their customers and media owners who recognize the benefits of delivering more personalized advertising content across advanced TV. 

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