Boots UK partners with InfoSum to enable privacy-safe data collaboration

Boots UK partners with InfoSum to enable privacy-safe data collaboration
Friday, February 4, 2022

London - February 4, 2022 -- Boots UK, the UK’s leading health and beauty retailer, is partnering with InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, to target audiences across media partners in a privacy-safe way - without sharing or moving any data. 

InfoSum’s ‘non-movement of data’ technology empowers Boots to collaborate directly with broadcast video-on-demand and audio platforms, including Channel 4, ITV and Global. This enables Boots to utilize first-party customer data to build highly-tailored audiences, reaching its customers with the right message, at the right time. With the launch of the Boots Media Group (BMG), brands have the opportunity to tap into audiences across the Boots app, website and in-store as well as access to 14 million active Advantage Card members. The opportunity for InfoSum and BMG is to offer additional scale and reach to brands to deliver campaigns across the media partners in the InfoSum ecosystem.

Peter Markey, CMO at Boots, says:

“We are thrilled that with InfoSum we have found a solution that puts data privacy first and enables us to collaborate with brands, offering them our unparalleled insight into our customers’ needs and shopping habits without actually having to share that data. By unlocking the power of our first-party data and giving brands access to our marketing channels, we can help accelerate ROI by delivering relevant experiences to customers and ultimately enhance the shopping experience for them.”

“Boots is leading the way amongst retailers in enabling brand partners to tap into its highly engaged audiences, in a move which supports Boots’ role as a media owner as well as a retailer,” says Richard Foster, CRO of InfoSum. “InfoSum is excited to be working with the amazing teams at Boots to support these initiatives, enabling Boots to collaborate closely with brands and media owners, and deliver better shopper and media experiences, while fully prioritizing the privacy of its customers and building commercial trust between partners.”

InfoSum’s data collaboration platform, with its ‘non-movement of data’ approach, puts the privacy of consumers and data security first, enabling advertisers and publishers to work together without ever sharing their own first-party data. From standard data onboarding to more sophisticated identity solutions, companies using InfoSum’s decentralized infrastructure are delivering future-proofed solutions that protect against future technology and regulatory changes by removing the reliance on a single identifier.

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