Beyond the cookie: The future of identity

Beyond the cookie: The future of identity
Ben Cicchetti
Friday, February 22, 2019

Last night, ExchangeWire hosted their first MadTech Live podcast in central London. Over a hundred publishers and adtech vendors came together in London to discuss identity, and what changes will need to take place in the advertising ecosystem as the long-prevailing third-party cookie begins to weaken.

On stage, InfoSum’s Nick Halstead was joined by Lindsay Rowntree from ExchangeWire, Danny Hopwood from Omnicom and Bedir Aydemir from News UK.

Key areas of discussion throughout the evening included:

  • The GDPR hasn't reduced the number of ads consumers are seeing, it’s simply made them less relevant. In a post-GDPR world, it’s more evident than ever that effective advertising is only achievable through publishers and brands bringing together first-party CRM data.
  • Publisher co-ops will become the primary way for publishers to compete with the Facebook-Google duopoly. These tech giants hold vast amounts of first-party data in their walled gardens, but publishers have a much richer understanding of their audiences. However, overcoming the technical, privacy and commercial trust barriers to connect publisher data sources, will be no small feat.
  • Many now believe that both third-party cookie and third-party data have a sell-by date. With these becoming less relevant, both brands and publishers will turn to their first-party CRM data and the opportunity to create second-party data relationships. Finding a privacy-safe way to connect and activate this data, will become a primary focus for all parties.

InfoSum’s solution offers a transformative approach in all of these areas. In a reimagined world where publishers, advertisers and their strategic partners can combine the insights held within their data, without ever having to share a single line of data; collaboration and cooperation within the advertiser ecosystem becomes almost frictionless. This opens up the possibility to build a world of interconnected customer data.

The event was recorded live for ExchangeWire’s MadTech podcast, which can be downloaded below.

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