Build a Unified Customer View with first-party data

Unify insights across all your internal data sources and channels to create a unified understanding of your customers.

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Unified Customer View
Breakdown data siloswith ease

Breakdown data silos
with ease

The only privacy-safe and compliant way to connect first-party data sources to create a single source of customer knowledge.

Data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing

Put data at the core of all marketing decisions with insights and audiences developed from a trusted and unified customer view.

Omnichannel understanding

Omnichannel understanding

Connect insights from multiple channels and devices to build an omnichannel view of your customer profile and behaviour.

Case Study


A multinational media company wishes to conduct analysis across their various online publications’ CRM systems to determine where there is a crossover in audiences and where there may be a potential for cross-promotion. There are a number of challenges preventing this initiative from moving forward:

  • Despite being part of the same media company, each publisher is protective of the commercial value held in their customer data.
  • Traditional solutions would require that the various CRM systems be centralised. This represents a significant data security risk as it creates a massive personal data honeypot.
  • GDPR and other regulations require consent be provided by each individual to share their data with another party. This consent would then need to be tracked and maintained.


Each publication uploads its data to their own isolated Bunker. The data is normalised and mapped to the global schema.

Each Bunker owner grants permission to a nominated user at the media company. An automated process matches identities using existing identifiers, removing the need for a universal ID (where a match can not be made, a third-party identity graph may be used to create a match, but doesn’t require data to be transferred to the identity graph owner).

This user is now able to conduct statistical analysis across the totality of all CRM databases - a true unified customer view - and determine where there is an intersection between audiences, where there may be opportunities for look-alike targeting and other revenue generation.

Benefits of the InfoSum Solution

Privacy-Safe Analysis


Aggregate level results and differential privacy features prevent any single individual being identified within a dataset.



Federated Architecture and Insights Engine overcomes trust barriers by removing the need to share and centralise data.

Simple Data Processing

Simple Data Processing

AI-powered normalisation and mapping removes the need for a complex and expensive ETL projects.

Complete Control


Each party retains complete control over their data through decentralisation and rich permission controls.