First-party Data Onboarding

Unlock the power of your first-party data with the only end-to-end data onboarding solution that requires no movement of data.

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InfoSum’s approach to Data Onboarding

Unlike traditional platforms that rely on removing PII and replacing it with a third-party identifier, InfoSum enables PII to be used as a unique identifier in a privacy-safe environment. InfoSum is uniquely capable of activating your data, without it ever leaving your direct control.

InfoSum can match your data deterministically on PII, or by bridging across other more probabilistic data combinations. This results in a superior match rate with no reliance on third-party cookies.

How does first-party data onboarding work with InfoSum?

Data Upload

Data is uploaded to a dedicated instance, running on secure cloud infrastructure, known as a Bunker. Only you have access to this, and the data never leaves.

Receive Permissions

Where a relationship exists with an identity partner, they will need to send you a permission to use their identity graph in your analysis.

Conduct Analysis

Through the connections tab, you can instantly see the intersection between your data and the identity partner’s identity graph. Further analysis can be conducted through the Analytics and Query tool, including building specific audience segments.

Send for Activation

Once your audience segment has been created, this can be sent for direct activation via the identity partner. When this happens, only the identity partners own unique IDs are sent, ensuring your data is never moved.

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Privacy focused onboarding

Overlay first-party data and identity graph data to tag IDs for activation. This removes the need to transfer raw personal data to a third-party, and limits data movement to the identity graph’s IDs.

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Fastest onboarding process

Data processing at the speed of light means onboarding is complete within minutes rather than hours or days, delivering your data to your chosen partner faster than anyone else.

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Omnichannel activation

By removing reliance on a single identifier, InfoSum is not limited to a single channel (mobile, desktop, TV etc.). Identities can be flexibly matched across various channels to deliver omnichannel media planning and activation.

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Enriched audiences

Utilize second and third-party data during analysis and segmentation to build custom audiences that can then be matched against an identity partner for activation.

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Best in class visibility

By enabling the direct analysis of the intersection between your data and the available identity graph data, an informed decision can be made when selecting an identity partner.

Complete Control

Activation agnostic

Through our best-of-breed identity partners, activate across hundreds of different advertising channels to deliver omnichannel media activation.

Best of breed activation partners

InfoSum remains completely agnostic, enabling brands to activate across their chosen identity partner.

Case Study


A national supermarket wanted to ensure relevance in its advertising message to their loyalty cardholders across programmatic. This involves specific messaging for existing customers for retention and upselling purposes, and suppression for their prospecting messages to maximise media spend.

As this data is limited to name, email and home address, the wish to fuse this data with online cookie data to deliver targeted advertising.

Download our case study to find out how InfoSum provides a first-party data onboarding solution that promotes trust and retains data privacy.