Data Collaboration powered by first-party data

Build data-driven alliances underpinned by trust and privacy, to power an unrivalled level of consumer knowledge and targeting.

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Trusted, agile alliances

Trusted, agile alliances

Conduct seamless analysis across multiple brand datasets to power rich industry insights, without transferring data to each other or a third-party.

Empower strategic partners

Empower strategic partners

Enable media agencies and other partners to safely access insights from first-party data to enable data-driven planning, creative and buying decisions.

Unified audience activation

Unified audience activation

Connect publisher data to establish a unified audience that can be made available for brands to analyse, segment and target.

Case Study


A group of leading UK based publishers plan to establish a data alliance to provide a combined solution that will allow brands to activate against their unified audience to empower brands to reach more scale. There are a number of issues preventing this initiative from moving forward:

  • There are significant commercial trust issues due to the competitive nature of the industry and the way each publisher values their data.
  • Data privacy and security experts will not allow data to be shared with the other publishers, or centralised in a third-party platform.
  • Matching identities across the two data sources requires a common ID, or data needs to be sent to a third-party to match the data.


Each publisher uploads their customer data to their own isolated Bunker. The data goes through InfoSum’s AI-powered normalisation and mapping process. 

An automated process matches identities using existing identifiers, removing the need for a universal ID. (Where a match can not be made, a third-party identity graph may be used to supplement a match, but doesn’t require data to be transferred to the identity graph owner.)

Each Bunker owner grants permission to a nominated user. This user is now able to conduct statistical analysis across the unified audience data.

This approach overcomes the commercial trust issues, as no individual in the unified audience is ever identified, and the decentralised nature of InfoSum’s platform means data is never shared.

It is now possible for the unified audience to be made available for brands to conduct analysis against, build segments, and conduct privacy-safe activation.

Benefits of the InfoSum Solution

Privacy-Safe Analysis


Aggregate level results and differential privacy features prevent any single individual being identified within a dataset.



Federated Architecture and Insights Engine overcomes trust barriers by removing the need to share and centralise data.

Simple Data Processing

Simple Data Processing

AI-powered normalisation and mapping removes the need for a complex and expensive ETL projects.

Complete Control


Each party retains complete control over their data through decentralisation and rich permission controls.