Audience Insights powered by first-party data

Safely connect multiple first-party datasets to measure the intersection in customer databases, analyse available data attributes and unlock rich insights.

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Audience Insights
Instant insights

Instant insights

Access is controlled by rich permission systems. Once these have been granted, analysis is available instantly.

Enriched understanding

Enriched understanding

Utilise demographic and behavioural data in the intersection to validate and enrich your current customer knowledge.

Targeted activation

Targeted activation

Build accurate segments for direct activation, suppression models, and look-alikes.

Case Study


A US based retailer is launching an advertising campaign and is investigating a new relationship with a multichannel video service provider to serve the ads. The retailer wishes to validate the quality of the data and analyse the intersection in the two customer bases to better understand the synergy in customer profiles. There are a number of barriers preventing this initiative from moving forward:

  • A lack of commercial trust means neither party is willing to share their customer data.
  • Each party’s data privacy and security teams won’t allow company data to be shared outside of their organisation.
  • Identity matching requires a common ID, or data needs to be sent to a third-party to match the data.


Each party uploads their data to their own isolated Bunker. The data is normalised and mapped to the global schema.

The video service provider grants the retailer a limited permission to measure the intersection between their two datasets and identify the available data attributes. An automated process matches identities using existing identifiers, removing the need for a universal ID (where a match is not available, an identity graph may be used to create a match, but doesn’t require data to be transferred to the identity graph owner).

The retailer is able to conduct statistical analysis and validate whether the video service provider’s data will help them reach individuals that match their current customer profile.

Where an agreement is reached, the video service provider can grant additional permissions to enable the retailer to use the audience insights to build audience segments for either activation, suppression or look-alike modelling.

Benefits of the InfoSum Solution

Privacy-Safe Analysis


Aggregate level results and differential privacy features prevent any single individual being identified within a dataset.



Federated Architecture and Insights Engine overcomes trust barriers by removing the need to share and centralise data.

Simple Data Processing

Simple Data Processing

AI-powered normalisation and mapping removes the need for a complex and expensive ETL projects.

Complete Control


Each party retains complete control over their data through decentralisation and rich permission controls.