Security at InfoSum

The following outlines the technical and procedural measures we have implemented to protect your customer data.

Our industry-leading security features are backed by comprehensive independent audits, combining to ensure the highest standards of information security. Our transparent approach helps you use our products with confidence - knowing that your data is safe, your collaborations are under your control, and your reputation is protected.

Architectural security

Our architecture is built from the ground up, with security and privacy central to its design. Your data never leaves your private virtual server - which we call a “Bunker”. Each Bunker operates within its own security perimeter, guarding against data leakage or exfiltration.

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Product security

As you share data insights with trusted partners, our fine-grained permission model keeps you in the driving seat. Support for single sign-on reduces potential for error, by integrating with your existing approach to access control.

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Server & network security

Where we are hosting your Bunkers, your data is held in UK-based Amazon Web Services data centres, meeting the highest standards of physical security. We constantly probe our network in search of vulnerabilities, and of course, network communications are all encrypted using TLS 1.2.

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Staff security

All our products are built in-house, by our trusted team of experienced developers. We vet and train our people carefully, and use internal safeguards to ensure your data can only be accessed with your specific consent.

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Development security

Technical checkpoints throughout our development process ensure we never lose our focus on data security. Automated tests watch for unintended side-effects of code changes, while third-party penetration tests deliver additional confidence.

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Certified security

It’s our mission to protect your data - but you don’t need to take our word for it. We’re rigorously assessed by an independent auditor, and we’re certified under ISO 27001, the gold standard for information security management.

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