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Unleash the power of your first-party data across Connected TV

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Bring the power of digital to TV with privacy-safe data collaboration. Instantly match and analyze your customer data against data-rich media owner audiences for campaign planning, insights, activation, and measurement - without sharing any data or compromising consumer privacy.

Securely connect your first-party data to premium media owners today:

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Supercharge marketing performance with Connected TV & data clean rooms

Build custom audiences for activation

Deliver personalized advertising at scale to high-value audiences, or accurately suppress existing customers to reduce media wastage.

Unlock new audience insights

Match your first-party data to media owner audiences and understand the consumption habits and viewing behavior of your customers.

Accurate campaign measurement

Post-campaign, combine exposure and outcome data to accurately measure the incremental lift generated by your campaigns.

End-to-end privacy protection

InfoSum safely operationalizes first-party data without copying or sharing data, giving you complete data privacy, control and governance.

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Brands like yours are seeing impressive results through Connected TV

Increase in brand awareness

Increase in brand consideration

Increase in first-choice consideration

Lift in incremental conversions

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Learn how you can unlock the power of your first-party data with the ultimate guide to data clean rooms, including:

  • Use cases
  • Selecting the right data clean room for your needs
  • Future-proofing your data strategy 
  • How organizations are unlocking value through data clean rooms today

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The ultimate guide to Data Clean Rooms
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What our customers are saying about InfoSum


Our relationship with InfoSum allows us to put privacy at the center of our first-party data approach, and bring greater value to our clients and partners.

Amy Leifer
Chief Advertising Sales Officer

With InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room underpinning BRANDMATCH, we were able to instantly close the loop and directly leverage our first-party CRM data, and Channel 4’s All 4 audience data to calculate the incremental uplift of our campaign - all while protecting the privacy of our customers, and the security of our data.

Dean Weaving
Head of Display, Video & Social

InfoSum's privacy-first platform, designed for the cookie-less future, complements Planet V's principles of being a trusted solution for advertisers and partners and designed for the future of TV advertising.

Kelly Williams
Managing Director of ITV Commercial
Channel 4

InfoSum’s non-movement of data approach that puts the privacy of consumers first, we are confident that we’re delivering a better experience not only for our advertisers, but for our All 4 audience.

David Amodio
Deputy Head of Digital and Innovation
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