Mathieu Roche, ID5: “It’s a collective responsibility”

“It’s a collective responsibility”

Change is the only constant in our industry. That change is driven by legislation, consumer awareness, and innovators taking the first steps. But who is responsible for the change? Who is responsible for making the right changes - especially in our industry and with all that is at stake? 

In the latest episode of our Identity Architects podcast, InfoSum's SVP Sales, Europe, Stu Colman, sat down with Mathieu Roche, co-founder and CEO at ID5, to discuss the cookieless future, identity, value exchange, and much more.

“It's a collective responsibility. You need leaders [..] driving that change but it's everybody's responsibility to educate and understand and do something about it.”

One of the most discussed topics within the industry over the last 5 years has been the impending deprecation of third-party cookies. While Google may have delayed its elimination of these identity proxies in Chrome till 2024, many believe we are already in the cookieless era. 

“I don't think it's the future, I think it's the present, they're already gone. [...] We're already in a cookieless present and I think as an industry we've kind of kept that hidden under the rug. It's like you know the dirty little secret that nobody talks about. [...] I think we need more pressure from publishers who have been suffering from suboptimal monetization on all of this invisible part of the world and we need more pressure from brands.”

The media industry is adapting fast. Today, organizations are focused on how they can use their first-party data, in collaboration with their strategic partners, to power this new privacy-first ecosystem. This means, as Mathieu pointed out, it’s on all of us to change the advertising world for the better.

“It's down to us to make it happen. [...] It's a fundamental transformation, I mean we're changing the engine in mid-flight. [...] We have to make that transition happen without the luxury of stopping everything for a year and rebuilding it from scratch on a new foundation because that doesn't work. So it's a really complex challenge and you need everybody's incentive to be aligned. And we need to put more pressure because there's no question of if, there's a question of when. And the sooner the better.”

Couldn’t have said it better. Thanks, Mathieu, for the chat!

Unlock the power of first-party data today

The cookieless future will continue to be a topic of debate among media executives until Google ends support for third-party cookies in Chrome. But as Mathieu and Stu discussed, it is no longer the cookieless future, it is the cookieless now. Smart organizations are already heavily focused on their first-party data strategy, and utilizing new technology that enables them to effectively plan, activate and measure media campaigns. 

InfoSum recently published a new case study with Renault, Axel Springer All Media, OMD Germany and Annalect that demonstrated the performance of media campaigns powered by first-party data. Download the full case study to learn more.