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InfoSum’s federated analytics technology helps organisations connect and activate their customer data without risk.

Gain insights from disparate data sources

We’re making data collaboration secure and effortless.

Our cutting-edge federated analytics platform is at the forefront of research into distributed systems and both identity and permissions management.


No ETL or schema requirements


Ingest and standardize data in minutes, not weeks


Only you can access your isolated repositories

Connect and standardize fragmented data

Any InfoSum project begins by ingesting and normalizing each dataset in a separated repository, known as a Bunker. The platform is designed to handle data from many common sources, such as by connecting to a database, cloud storage or CRM.

The Bunker UI will guide you through how to cleanse, map and transform data into InfoSum’s global schema. This standardization removes the issue of datasets holding customer information in different ways, for example multiple age representations.


Matched during the query on case-by-case basis


Not tied down to matching on a universal ID


Create chains to connect data without same keys

Match your customers in different datasets

InfoSum’s flexible identity matching protocols help you bring together identities across multiple devices, including online and offline data. During ingestion, unique identifiers and combinations of identifiers are converted into keys.

These keys are linked to enable the same individual to be found in separate datasets. Where the overlap of an identifier is low, the deterministic matching technology can use ‘fuzzy’ data like name and surname, or create a ‘hop’ by referencing another dataset.


Advanced permissions and access protocol


Protected by differential privacy concepts


Query any number of separated datasets

Leverage the capabilities of federated analytics

Generate analytical insight from a range of distributed sources while minimising the amount of data movement. InfoSum Platform enables you to join various distributed datasets and perform analytics as though they were integrated in a single data source.

InfoSum’s advanced permissions protocol facilitates the ability to query datasets without being able to see the source data. Create a world of interconnected customer data to reach new insights and discover a new perspective to your customers.


Collaborate with any number of partners


The data owner remains just that, at all times


Distributed architecture aids data minimization

Securely collaborate in privacy safe-environment  

InfoSum enables multi-party data collaboration at scale. Rather than needing to share data into a single location or data clean room, the data owner stays in control and only the query moves between the distributed datasets to deliver collaborative insights.

InfoSum Platform has been built with privacy and access controls from the ground up. Differential privacy concepts are present throughout the platform to ensure that any query cannot be reverse-engineered, creating a new paradigm for data collaboration.


Use multiple filters to locate your ideal audience


Advertise to your real customers through BYOD


Discover new connections between data sources

Activate first-party data without risk  

Close the gap between customer experience and expectations. Put your first-party customer data into action by uncovering customer insights to drive accurate segmentation and ensure a cohesive and relevant marketing campaign.

Using InfoSum, act on your enhanced customer knowledge in real time. Perform advanced segmentation by applying multiple filters and criteria requirements to multiple datasets, then push this combined knowledge onwards for a campaign.

Discover a new perspective with InfoSum

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