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Our platform is the data hub of your marketing stack. From our decentralized data onboarding process to our groundbreaking identity matching and segmentation processes, our technology supports the delivery of relevant and personalized marketing campaigns.


Decentralized infrastructure

Our decentralized approach means data is never moved; eliminating the commercial, security and regulatory risks relating to data pooling. This also enables data owners to terminate another parties access at any time, ensuring that they never lose control over data.

Trusted enrichment

Unlike traditional data management technologies, our unique approach enables companies to not only bring together an internal view of their customers but in a privacy safe and trusted environment, enrich customer understanding with second and third-party data.

Data democratization

Our technology is designed to enable businesses of any size to access the same unified data view as the tech giants. Helping organizations to achieve accurate segmentation and targeting, utilizing all their internal customer knowledge, enhanced with external data.

Enriched identity matching

Individual identities are matched via mapping process that automatically determines the optimum identifier or combination of identifiers. This approach eliminates the requirement for a restrictive single ID or ‘master profile’ controlled by the DMP or data provider, enabling organizations to utilize their own internal identifiers.

Personalized activation

Our groundbreaking privacy-safe tagging technology enables segments to be streamed directly to any activation tool. This privacy-by-design technology has been developed to ensure personal information is processed with minimal impact on the individual data subjects, whilst ensuring the optimum level of accuracy.

Decentralized data onboarding

Our decentralized architecture ensures data owners remain in control of their raw data. Datasets are securely held in an isolated Bunker and go through an AI-powered onboarding process that normalizes and transforms the data into a global schema.

Trusted connectivity & segmentation

Run near real-time statistical analysis to create audience segmentations across any number of datasets you have permission to analyze, without pooling data. Gain the same output as integrating them in one location, without the trust, privacy and implementation barriers.

Accurate Measurement

The unique ability to run analysis across both advertiser and publisher data, without moving or pooling the data, supports the accurate attribution of buyer behaviour to advert exposure. This enables a clear determination of ROI for the advertiser and agency, as well as demonstrating value and driving ad revenue for the publisher.

Dataset Manager

The Dataset Manager sits at the core of our platform, and is the hub for all aspects of the data upload and access controls process.


Create a unique and isolated Bunker and upload your data to be normalized and prepared for querying.


Manage inbound and outbound permissions to enable users to query additional datasets not uploaded by themselves.


Utilize our API to integrate our platform directly into any source or destination technology within your existing marketing stack.

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Privacy-by-design technology

All our technology is built with an approach that promotes privacy, ethical handling of data and helps our clients comply with GDPR.

Storage Limitation

Our anonymization processes have been designed to ensure that the identity of individuals is not stored any longer than required.

GDPR Principle B

Data Minimization

Our platform keeps all data decentralized, therefore minimizing the amount of information gathered in a single location.

GDPR Principle C

Integrity & Confidentiality

No raw personal data is ever passed between the different parties, minimizing the scope for data misuse or breaches.

GDPR Principle F