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Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is the process of stitching together consumer information and behavior across multiple devices, interactions and channels to deliver relevant and personalized communications.

Key functionality

Forrester have identified four key areas of functionality in resolving identity for the purposes of marketing.

Accurate matching

A process of making offline customer data available for online marketing, such as CRM data.

PII identity

Managing the identities of known consumers based on personally identifiable, deterministic data.

Digital identity

Addressing anonymous consumer profiles stemming from digital data management and activation use cases.

Cross-device identity

Linking multiple devices that are associated with the same household or consumer.

The InfoSum difference

Create an omnichannel customer view

Our flexible identity matching protocols help you bring together identities across multiple devices, including online and offline data. This enables you to activate the first-party data from martech sources, such as CRM data, to create more strategic customer segments for people-based marketing.

Achieve privacy-safe deterministic matching

InfoSum’s technology determines the unique identifier, or combination of identifiers, to create the optimal match. Where the overlap is low, our deterministic matching technology can combine both unique and non-unique identifiers to ensure that the optimal match is achieved, such as ‘fuzzy’ data like name and surname.

Connect datasets using different identifiers

Different identifiers can be used to create chains of connections across datasets. For example, Datasets A and B both hold emails and Datasets B and C both hold mobile IDs, so Datasets A and C can be matched and queried together, even though they don’t hold the same type of identifier.

The most flexible approach to identity resolution

Automated data transformations

During ingestion, data is normalized into our Global Schema and keys are created using any identifiers. This configuration can then be stored to ease regular updates, and ensures each dataset can be directly compared.

No single ID restriction

The ability to use existing identifiers, or include new ones at any time, provides you with greater flexibility and ensures you’re not tied to a single ID management solution.

Leverage third-party identity graphs

If your datasets do not contain matching identity data, a third-party identity graph, such as LiveRamp, can be used with the Platform to connect the data dots.

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