Privacy-safe data monetisation

Make your data available for easy enrichment, validation and augmentation, without having to ever lose control of the data.

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Why make your data available for brands and publishers to discover?

Discover true audience connectivity

Never lose control

Enable brands, publishers and media agencies to use your data to enrich, validate and augment their customer knowledge, without ever having to move your data into their environments.

Power valuable first-party audiences

Power valuable first-party audiences

Build trusted relationships and allow companies to measure the overlap in their first-party customer data, and your valuable audience data.

Introducing Discovery

Build transparent and trusted relationships with brands and publishers

Brands and publishers want to make better use of their first-party data. However, this data often lacks the depth of knowledge required to create meaningful audience segments. Second and third-party data sources can add additional insight, but often this creates additional compliance friction driven by the historical need to share and centralise data outside of your environment.

Discovery removes these challenges and empowers companies to instantly analyse the intersection between their first-party data and the multiple second and third-party data sources available to them. This approach builds trusted relationships between data providers and the advertising ecosystems.

Never lose control

Never lose

Your raw data is never shared, ensuring it remains fully in your control at all times during analysis.

Commercial trust


Move to privacy-safe first-party connectivity to reduce reliance on third-party cookie technology.

First-party connectivity

First-party connectivity

Utilise privacy-safe first-party connectivity to deliver a more accurate match rate with customer data.

Reduced compliance burden

Reduced compliance burden

Non-movement of data, differential privacy concepts and robust security controls reduce compliance burden.

Discovery for Data Providers

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